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  1. Therein lies the answer. Its your truck and should do whatever pleases you don't worry about what others say or think. Just like Ricky sang in "Garden Party". But it's, all right now I learned my lesson well You see ya can't please everyone So ya got to please yourself
  2. Being a child of the 50's I always favor chrome. I was thinking of chrome for my red Silverado, but was quickly shot down by "She who must be obeyed", aso known as "The Voice of Reason". She "suggested" that black would be the better choice. I think the chrome might stand out more with that color blue. Either way you can't go wrong.
  3. Made a WesPac in '64. Got a swap to another tin can and went right back to WesPac. Even got to see the coastline of Viet Nam in '65. One thing about being on a tin can. You got to do every thing a sailor could do.....even if you didn't want to LOL.
  4. Went with the cheapest LOL, I got the ABS. BDTrims Tailgate Raised Letters Compatible with 2019 2020 Silverado Models (Black) by BDTrims 4.8 out of 5 stars 192 ratings | 18 answered questions Price: $39.95 & FREE Shipping Color: Black RAISED LETTERS Made of high quality plastic. They are NOT thin vinyl decals! WEATHER AND CAR WASH SAFE, outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and weathering. SIMPLE INSTALLATION takes only minutes and can be maintained without any technical skills. GUARANTEED TO LAST FOR YEARS, authentic BDTrims™ product with 5 Year warranty. MADE IN USA, precisely laser cut for perfect fit and look.
  5. Great looking truck! Really like the red and black contrast. Here is my situation. I have been leasing for just about 30 years and really don't want to put more money in a vehicle that really don't own or will keep.
  6. I sometimes wonder if the big deflectors are really worth installing. I put them on a few trucks and SUV's I have owned, and still get bugs on the windshield, especially down here in Florida during lovebug season. The last couple of years I have been using products from Grigots Garage to help cut down on bug splatter. So far they do an adequate job. They do help the make the cleanup much easier. It seems all the rage now is "Ceramic" coatings. I might try one of the spray on ceramics. Even the local car wash now offers ceramic coating!
  7. Yes l am. You are quite welcome. Served on two tin cans out of Pearl. Really great duty back in the 60's.
  8. I sort of thought there would be. Being the new kid on the block. I am still playing catch up with the forum.
  9. I am not really one to do too much customizing with add ons and stick ons. I usually only do things that are helpful, nerf bars, tonneau tops etc. On my 2020 I didn't add on the front hood bug deflector. On these generation they had to be taped on. One thing I did do was fill in the "Chevrolet" on the tailgate. Actually my wife did it. She is more artistic. They come in different colors and patterns. I went with basic black and glad I did. I think they really do dress on the tailgate. They are offered on Amazon at different prices.
  10. Thank you ever so much for clearing this up, especially with the graphic.Just so much to know about the truck. By the time I get through the manual it will be time for a new truck, LOL
  11. My Silverado is 2wd so I don't have any hooks. The area where hooks would go is empty and on the drivers side only is the round disc. I am wondering what is it for? A place to put another accessory or for a front tow hook to be installed? When I say to have a have a tow hook installed I don't mean the two hooks that are on trucks up front. I was told that to tow this vehicle it would be required to take off the cap and install by screwing on, a tow hook.
  12. What is the cap on the drivers side front bumper for? Is it a front tow hook cover? Does the truck come with a front tow hook, or do I have to purchase one?
  13. Thanks for the reply and pic. Very helpful. It is one these situations where GM used a part for more than one application When used for only gas they covered up the other hole with what looks like a big button.
  14. Thank you very much for the answer. Yes I have a gas truck. i guess the what I thought was a button was where the DEF goes if the truck was a diesel.
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