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  1. I definitely regret my purchase. I have a 2019 RST that currently has 2100 miles. Since purchasing my truck it has been “reprogrammed” 5 times. After this last time last week I was told “we see a trouble code but GM advises they have no fix for that code at this time”. I did not accept this answer and have had a senior advisor contact me saying they are sorry my truck is broken, but there is no current fix. I’m in the process of having the truck bought back under lemon laws in my state.
  2. I’m starting to have regrets myself. I have a 2019 RST with 1900 miles. It has had constant check engine lights on. I bring it in and every time they tell me “We reprogrammed the truck and that should fix it”. Here is what I was told today when yet another check engine light came on...”We were told by GM that the code indicates a software anomaly for which there is no fix. They are working on it”. I almost can’t believe this is happening.
  3. So I just left the dealership after getting the truck reprogrammed. Here is the diagnosis: “We were told by GM that the code indicates a software anomaly for which there is no fix. They are working on it”. I almost can’t believe this is happening.
  4. The light isn’t steady on. It comes on, I bring the truck in to be reprogrammed and they send me back home. Every time they tell me “We think this is the problem, just come back if the light comes back on”. I now have a GM senior advisor assigned to my vehicle. Their hands are tied in Massachusetts. State law dictates they must refund me after the fourth repair attempt.
  5. Hello, I recently bought a 2019 Silverado RST 2.4 brand new. I currently have 1900 miles on the truck and the check engine light has been on almost the entire two months I’ve owned the truck. My dealership keeps telling me the trucks needs to be reprogrammed. Two to three days after this the check engine light comes right back on. Is there and end in sight for this? I’ve already contacted the Massachusetts Attorney General and was advised GM has one final attempt to fix the problem or they will be required to refund my money. Thoughts?
  6. Well you see, I’m colorblind and thought they were blue. Just had my wife go outside and check. Turns out they are actually black. Sorry everyone
  7. I have a 2019 RST, mirrors from the factory are Northsky Blue. Not sure what their availability is, but trucks definitely came with them.
  8. A quick update from me also. I bought my truck 3 weeks ago brand new. Apparently there were 4 open recalls the dealer failed to address/update software. I was able to get an appointment at a different dealer for this Friday.
  9. My truck did it last night. Started via remote start and got in and found service esc, service parking brake, and got a diagnostic email saying the exhaust system needs service. The check engine light has come on and has remained on. 1200 miles on the truck and the dealer can’t get it in for two weeks. I should add that I started it via the fob and not the app.
  10. I tried searching the forum and apologize if this has been asked before. I really like the retro look of the centennial grille emblem and was wondering if it would fit a 2019 RST? Thanks!
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