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  1. michigan2500hd, I can't thank you enough for the feedback. I have the appointment on Monday and I've been worried that I was going to do something I regret. Your post has eased my thoughts!
  2. I'm just concerned that when I get the truck leveled it will feel awkward. I've had the truck for 5 years with it unleveled.
  3. Shoot! But thank you guys for letting me know I probably wouldn't be able to drive it. I was supposed to get the tires installed tomorrow. That would have sucked! lol! I guess I'm going to get the truck leveled first then the tires.
  4. I ordered 305/55's for my 2015 Sierra 1500. It doesn't have a leveling kit. Will I be screwed when I go to drive away? lol. Also, can anyone give me any feedback to doing a level kit? Does it feel weird at first having the nose of the truck up?
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