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  1. Congrats on a the run Wideband and boost gauge are a must in my opinion. Where you going to mount it?
  2. Must be super fun! Hows the power on the 93 map?
  3. Hey man, great looking truck. I've seen some of your posts here and there and I've always admired your wheels and stance, I'm thankful that you created a build thread so I can easily find your specs lol. I'm really looking forward to the results of your turbo setup. Which turbos did you go with? Prior to my Silverado, I had a STI and I was making 550hp to the wheels on the gen 1 gtx3076 (on e85...once you use corn, you'll never want to use gasoline again). I was planning an upgrade to the gen 2 gtx3576 but I ended up selling the car. I am very new to the gm truck scene as I bought mine (2016 crew cab) in February.
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