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  1. Today 8-Feb-2020 I managed to pull my existing wheel and checked to see if the 2016 wheel would fit... and it does. As of right now the plug that connects to the clock spring is different , pulled wiring diagrams and pin out is also different. while looking at the wiring it looks promising. one thing I am wondering is there is a 12-Volt Reference on the 13 style it is (E) pk/bk wire and the 16 style (5) white. I am wondering what it is for, Any one know why? I am wondering if it is ignition on wire but I have not tested this yet. Had the wonderful opportunity of changing my fu
  2. I will be attempting this soon.. I will keep you posted. But i have a 2500hd.. things I know for me thus far: Have to change the clock spring, will have to find power for the heated wheel switch. Things i don't know: will the newer clock spring plug in to my harness under the dash, will the controls work as my old controls do., first I am going to plug in the new wheel and see how the controls react with out changing the clock spring.
  3. Donstar, I have not but looks like i can get a better deal on 18 factory leather then what i can get katzkins for
  4. Hello all.. My name is matt. I was checking into replacing my 2014 2500hd ltz seats with newer ones and was told the 1500 seats will not work in a 2500 or 3500. I am not referring to the trim package or feature. Obviously I am looking for the features i have already just want newer leather. Does anyone know what's the difference in the seat ? Or know if they will work? Thank you Matt
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