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  1. @Thebelow25 what’s the specs on those wheels? What’s the offset?
  2. @Dan Forsythedid it automatically send you dot stuff when you bought the truck or did you have to file yourself? I’m wondering if most guys just let it go knowing that it won’t be an issue
  3. For anyone who cares readylift told me expect late May for their sst lift for 2020 2500. But the rc looks pretty legit on @Big Skintruck so may not need to wait!
  4. I’m more concerned with the dot regulations, not the ca dmv stuff. Didn’t want to deal with dot and any extra requirements they have just because I want a more powerful truck. I’m just amazed the dealers don’t know what I’m talking about yet they tell me 90% of their business for these trucks is contractors.
  5. Did you actually put the numbers on your truck Or you just have the actual number in your records
  6. And none of the dealers in California have any clue what I’m talking about so it seems like this isn’t actually becoming an issue.
  7. So how are so many business owners in California driving new Denali 2500? I know their businesses are buying the trucks for the right offs
  8. Thanks @MTU Alum is the 10000 code c7a? Can you do c7a with yf5?
  9. @MTU AlumSince you work for GM are you able to get the Denali with a 10,000 GVWR and California omission compliant? If you can’t why not?
  10. @Dan Forsythesince my business will own the truck it’s all considered for business according to chp.
  11. Thanks @Dan Forsythe OK to summarize if my truck plus trailer is under 26,000 pounds I do not need a CDL, if the GVWR is over 10,000 I need dot
  12. @Dan Forsythe you’re very helpful. Can you help me understand the gvwr vs gcwr. I think the 2020 is anywhere from 10000-11350 gvwr but the gcwr is 27500 I believe.
  13. Thanks @Dan Forsythe I am a general contractor so technically it’s all business use. Driving jobSite to job site. Seems crazy there isn’t exemptions for pickup trucks even when owned by a business. What if truck is rated for over 26000 but you never will have trailer over that weight. Does cdl kick in only if you were going to tow that? Or if truck has capability too?
  14. Ok guys. For the guys who know more than the dealerships and all. Small business owner here in California. Do I really need to derate the truck to 10000 or else I need to get dot # and what about cdl? Does this actually come up in real life? I’m not even really going to be towing certainly not big things. I want the muscle and 3/4 for lumber loads etc for my construction company. What’s the truth about what I need to consider here?
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