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  1. @kylant No trimming i didn’t do pisk. The shop said they really don’t think it’s needed for this adjustment we didn’t discuss diff drop. Do you or anyone have opinion on if that’s needed for this? smoked the fender the lights. They take them off and paint them translucent black from the inside. They still light up orange when on but black when off.
  2. Cognito level kit with arms 1” bds block in back amp steps method grid 18x9 +18 ridge grappler 35/12.5 rides super smooth, haven’t rubbed yet
  3. I’m putting the Cognito level kit on my 2020 2500. You guys think I need to put on the pitman arm and idler arm support? Worth going with the kryptonite ones that are better?
  4. @inquenciocha remind me again what tires you have. 9” wheel zero offset. I like that offset Just enough.
  5. @inquenciocha how far do your tires stick out with those 9/0 offset? what do you all think about 18” wheels on this truck. I like that older look with smaller wheel/more tire but I don’t know how it will look on these
  6. @EIKON that’s a Chevy. Maybe why no rub since fender well shaped different? What tire did you go with?
  7. @FirstAscent first off offset is real nice. Tire size looks great too. I saw one with 37 and didn’t look right without a proper lift. Well don’t there. great feedback about this lift. Haven’t heard the same negativity about the rc so assuming it’s not a prob. However the rl looks better/taller @MTU Alum think those ucas would improve that problem that @FirstAscent speaks of?
  8. @FirstAscent thanks! Send a pic from front or back when you can so we can see that offset.
  9. @FirstAscent what’s your wheel and tire specs. Truck looks great by the way! So your hoping to add uca later?
  10. @UsudnoLooks real nice! Any rubbing? did you just do keys or the whole rc 3+1 ?
  11. Readylift released their kit. https://www.readylift.com/GM-2500HD-3500HD-SST-Lift-kit-69-3030.html out of stock. Not sure if that’s due to covid or high demand
  12. @Thebelow25 what’s the specs on those wheels? What’s the offset?
  13. @Dan Forsythedid it automatically send you dot stuff when you bought the truck or did you have to file yourself? I’m wondering if most guys just let it go knowing that it won’t be an issue
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