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  1. If you sit down a go to order a new GMC sierra SLT there is only 3 radios in the click box (GMC Website) bottom radio, middle and middle with Nav. We all have seen the how to add the Nav you tubes. They are just adding it to the middle grade radio. I am not sure but I need the front camera. I willing to bet once the camera is plugged into the back of the "VIDEO BOX" my words. I betting it completes the loop and will turn on. If it needs turned on with software at the dealer I would make it worth the 140 per hr. and make them turn every camera spot on. Even if you intend on having them or not. I no i keep on about this front camera but I need it. Even though I asked the dealership they pushed this truck and out of desperation I bought it. If I cant get a camera I am thinking of trading it in.
  2. You are the first person I have spoke with on the front camera. What issues did you have? I do not have a camera can it simple be attached and wired to monitor?
  3. I know this was about nav upgrade but does anyone know if the 2020 with Nav and rear camera; Can a front camera be installed. It and a bunch of other stuff comes with Denali and package so I have it in my mind there should be a plug and play camera and space in the DVD looking thing behind the monitor? Dealer shot me down on the camera both sales who wanted to sell the truck in inventory and then service who backed the sales up. Told me the don't make them. Traded a 40K Nissan Titan 3 yrs old for 55K GMC and Titan was loaded with all the safety equipment that this truck doesn't. I do just need the front camera i am distance challenged. No joking, Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. I looked mine over last night and noticed it to is stiff and upright after a stop. It will most likely loosen up. I figure a stick can be cut to length or a prop rod like a hood has. I want to thank all for pointing out what I never had a chance to find out before the purchase. I was blindsided with a transmission issue and the only place who was local and willing to sell me a truck was the GMC dealer in the little ghost town I was in at the time. I can't say it is a bad truck but I can say it not like my old one. I guess I am still in mourning. So that is why having this group will help.
  5. This may sound stupid but with the Multi Pro's first gate down it looks like a spoiler. Does anyone think it could both let air out of the bed like a "net" does and give you the benifits of a spolier with downforce? There is a message you have to cancel on dash but then I ran 80 miles on the highway with it down.
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