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  1. Mine was a bad left front shock from the factory. Replaced under warranty and have not heard it since. Chris
  2. Agree!! 100% This is just someone's attempt to sell a truck, saying its "one of a kind". Not being ugly here, but there was a couple of trucks similar to this one and some "rocky ridge" trucks at the local dealerships. They put a couple of thousand dollars in aftermarket add ons' and jack the price up 6 or 7 thousand, and stating its " one of only 20 in the world. " At the end of the day, its still just a Silverado 1500 with make-up on...….
  3. I had a similar situation happen with my truck. Turned out to be the left front shock. They replaced it and haven't heard anything since...
  4. New 2019 with the factory lift. Noticed the klunk, bump the first week. Took it in to the dealer and they said left front shock. Took a week to get the new shock in and they replaced and all is well for now. May replace all of the shocks to a different brand. Anybody replaced theirs yet? What is everyones opinion on replacement brand and product number? Chris
  5. Follow up: Left the truck at the dealership for them to figure out what the noise it. Came to the conclusion I have a bad strut assembly. They stated they are going to replace the entire assembly on that side. Hopefully that will cure the noise. New truck with less than 1000 miles on it. This does have the 2" factory lift kit installed by the dealership. Chris
  6. Don't buy the cheaper one from amazon. I did that and it was a piece of crap, single bolt stripped out as soon as I tried installing it. Went with the OEM one off of ebay for $65 and it worked out perfect. Even installed it without removing anything. Looks better than the amazon one also. Chris
  7. Purchased a new 2019 RST Z71 last December. Has the 2" factory lift. Been noticing a bump, clunk, knock, around the left front wheel area. Only happens when going slow 10-30 mph on a rough road. Does not feel like its in the steering linkage. Not real loud but noticeable. Kind of feels like a shock bottoming out. Any ideas or anyone else had this problem. Less than 1000 miles on the truck. Anything I could look at before taking it back to the dealership? Thoughts on the lift kit causing it? Thanks Chris
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