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  1. It sounds like the clutches in the transfer case are engaging/disengaging during the turn. That doesn’t seem normal. Any way to test to see if the clutch packs are worn out without tearing open the t-case?
  2. Right but while I’m turning, the wheels shouldn’t be spinning enough to engage the clutches I would assume. Also I don’t remember hearing this noise before while doing the same thing. My tires are pretty worn down though. Is it possible that they lose enough traction that it’s causing the fork to engage the clutch packs?
  3. I’ve recently noticed a noise while my transfer case is in the auto 4wd mode. The noise only occurs when I’m turning, either way, and while pressing the gas. If I’m going in a straight line I don’t hear it and if I’m coasting trough a turn it’s not there either. It’s also not constant. It comes and goes through the turn randomly. There’s no noise in 2wd while doing the same things though. I can’t feel any play in the transfer case or the front differential. Both CV axles seem fine too.
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