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  1. Coil was intermittently testing good, got a new one installed and it fired right up and purred! thanks a bunch for all your input!
  2. yes Ive tried both with the wire connected and not. Ive checked all the vacuum lines and they are all in good shape and connected. have not checked the port tho, ill look at that one in the morning. when installed the map i tried plugged and not. i do suppose the coil could be weak, do you know how to test one?
  3. did not think of that one. just went and tried and.... nothing
  4. I checked into the egr as well. its fairly new, within the last year or so. i am able to move the diaphragm by pushing on it with no effort.
  5. Something in the distributor was my first guess as well, but just installed brand new distributor, came with everything new, cap rotor, ICU and pick up unit, gave it a few cranks and i got more out of it then before. It sputtered almost like to tdc compression. cap and rotor are lined up as well as i can by eye ball. This really hurts my head
  6. hey guys, So I've got one i cant figure out... The other day my truck just suddenly died on me on the way home. There wasn't much the led up to it, I had been driving for approx. 10 miles, and the engine had a tiny sputter, went to give it a little gas and it shut off completely and would not restart had to get a tow home. Next day it began, -still would not start, cranks as usual.After many many tires i get the slightest sign of combustion, one, single, extremely weak cylinder fire. -tried gas down the tb, nothing. jets as spraying gas on their own just fine, nice cone shape. -checked for spark on every plug, all fire just fine. -timing is still fine,went tdc #1 and checked the dizzy and it lined up just fine with #1 -pulled the obd1 code #33. map sensor. got a new one... still nothin. - compression test 1.150psi 2.160psi 3.150psi 4.160psi 5.120psi 6.150psi 7.130psi 8.150psi -unhooked the battery for an hour to rest truck, code cleared. -------still no start. this truck has ran perfectly fine up until now. only 148547 miles. Your input is greatly appreciated.
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