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  1. Thank you for the response. If you don't mind do you have any pictures of his truck? I bought a Denali, and yes i am going to run stock rim with a 2" level kit. I would just hate to buy the tire and then it rub super bad. I don't mind a little rubbing, but I would just hate to have to cut. Thank you for the information. Just wanting the biggest tire that can go under there.
  2. Hello all, I recently just got in a new 2020 Sierra. I want to put the 2" level on it from Rough Country like I have done with past trucks I have owned. On my 2014 I ran a Cooper STT Pro 275/65/20. This truck I would like to run something similar that I do not have any rub and won't have to cut. I have read that a 295/65/20 will fit with no rub, I am looking at the BFG KM3. Anyone doing this, or have any experience with it? If so do you have any pictures? Thanks in advance
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