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  1. That's awesome news! Much appreciated. Will be going out and getting the CarPlay2air dongle and giving that a try.
  2. Have 2020 GMC 3500HD AT4 and currently need to plug my apple iPhone in with cable to use apple car play, also to have all my phone contacts are available. Have read that 2021 infotainment systems will have apple car play and android available to use via Bluetooth and not need cable. Any idea if this will be a software upgrade that can be backward compatible with the 2020 infotainment systems? Sure would be nice not to have to plug the phone in each time.
  3. Was at dealership yesterday and talked with general manager. He said they were on call earlier this week with GM and estimates are mid June before Flint, MI get back to manufacturing trucks. There will also be supply channels that will have to be primed and back filled to get parts back to the factory. In the end, he was told to not expect any new vehicles until mid/late July or possibly August if things lag in how the current C-19 tracking goes. Depending on features ordered and supply line challenges, it could be longer for some orders. His thoughts were about July/August 2021 to get his dealership inventory back up to where it should be. Tough Times!!!!!!
  4. Brought into local GMC dealer in Twin Cities. They spent hours on the phone with GM tech adviser. Final resolve was this from GM: "Advised GM is aware of this issue with the iPhone contacts on the 2020 IOT radios. We have been seeing that this issue may be something engineering has to investigate. NO REPAIR IS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. AS ADVISED BY OUR STAFF, CUSTOMER TO USE APPLE CAR PLAY AS WAY OF CIRCUMVENTING RADIO ISSUES UNTIL GM RESOLVES THE PROGRAMMING SITUATION. Service manager at dealer said that it could be months or longer for GM engineers to fix being there is no official recall's or notices at this time. While I am still able to drive the truck fine, and for that matter love everything else about it, I do find it frustrating that one has to have a work around to circumvent an issue that GM knows about, and admits to knowing about, but doesn't seem to have any urgency in finding a fix.
  5. I have IOS 13.4 on my iPhone XR and still having contact sync issues. Picked up 3500HD AT4 on March 20 and have issue since driving away from dealer. Been on the phone with Onstar and apple with no fix. Truck is in at dealer now as they are getting GM on the phone to help. Reading the previous posts, I'm not holding out a lot of hope that this can be a simple fix other than replace the radio. Will advise later what the dealer comes back with.
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