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  1. Found a deal on a 2017 short box sierra tri fold tonneau cover. Will that fit my 04 short box?
  2. So i talked with a driveshaft shop and the thing on the right is a dust flinger or slinger and they said its not really necessary. Some believe it keeps dust out some believe it traps dust in. The thing on the left i was hoping came with my new bearing ( GM part 23165406 ) as the dealer said it was a kit but it did not. This new bearing is actually I believe a slightly different design so maybe that part in the photo would not be needed anyways. It did however come with a 1/4" spacer which i am not sure if it is needed or not. Thoughts?
  3. Here is a pic for reference. Thing on the left *i believe* comes with *some* carrier bearings but not the one i bought (moog) Thing on the right is the "dust shield" I dont know what it's actually called. Not sure if this is really necessary or if it was more for the OE design
  4. Thanks for the response. My carrier bearing did not come with the sleeve thing but i see some do. Maybe I will return it. As for the dust shield behind it (prob about 4" dia dish shaped rusty black iron) is this piece really necessary? My first choice would be replace it but I dont know what it's called. Then there's the collar that you have to pound forward to separate the two drive shafts. Do they really expect us to reuse that? We get a lot of rust up here in Maine. As for the orientation, yes I marked everything. Good tip tho. I am not sure if these described parts need to be used here. My replacement carrier bearing looks different than the factory original but "dimensionally" is the same
  5. Hey guys, 04 sierra 2wd ext cab SLE Doing a carrier bearing on my driveshaft and Im at a loss for a couple parts Im trying to find So behind the bearing there is like a pressed on sleeve with a flange on it, and behind that there is a dust shield collar (this part sort of looks like it's part of the driveshaft when its all rusty) I would like to replace both these parts but don't know what they're called/where to look. Also where the male and female splines slide over each other there is a collar that you have to pound off to separate the two shafts. I'd also like to get a new one of these but can't find it after searching for a while now. Hoping someone here can offer some advice. Prob should have just taken it in to the driveline shop but hindsight is 20/20
  6. Davester, could you clear something up for me. Is the harness adapter a necessity? Seems to me that its only required for guys who want to keep their bose, onstar, steering wheel controls, etc. I thought I can use the provided harness just as I would for a single din install, only with the addition of parking brake and reverse signal. Correct me if I am wrong. I checked out that website you suggested but couldnt find anything to help me out.
  7. Thanks for the response. That RP3-GM11 is a nice unit. I was thinking since i didnt have onstar, steering controls, bose or anything else "extra" that the RP3 wouldn't be necessary. If my head unit will work without the added module I would like to go that route. For my Parking brake signal I think I can tap into the light blue wire behind the e brake. And for the reverse signal I think there is a light green wire behind the main junction block (or near vicinity) that should show +12 power with vehicle in Reverse gear. Then for the reverse camera I can use the reverse lamp wire (center pin?) on my 7 pin connector at rear of vehicle . Could someone confirm this is correct or incorrect?
  8. 04 Sierra SLE 2wd (no Bose, no steering wheel buttons) Just got a Pioneer double din unit. I also got a backup cam to go with it. I have wired single din several times but this is my first double. For the new wiring harness, where do I run the Parking brake wire? where do i run the reverse wire?
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