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  1. 2015 Sierra Denali 120006 miles. I bought this used and occasionally I would get a P0307 code. I'd erase it and it would drive for months with no issue. Last night I went to dinner..' all good. I start the truck to leave and as I pull out I get a stabilitrak light and a flashing CEL. Reduced power and bad idle. Today I: Disconnected the battery for a couple hours hoping for a miracle "reset" no luck. Swapped 1 and 7 coil, plug, and wire. No luck Observations: NO lifter tapping #7 plug was oily When no code is present, oil pressure is about 30. When stabilitrak light comes on, oil pressure increases to just over 40 and I can hear some sort of sound like air flowing or vacuum or something. When I clear the code, the sound goes away and the oil pressure goes back to 30. CEL comes on long after the Stabilitrak has been on a while. (minute or more) Only ONCE after I first swapped the plug, coil and wire, I got a cold rough idle code P050D V4/AFM does not engage
  2. This topic is kind of old, but I have the same problem....but only sometimes. I also have removed the magnetic shocks. each start up, I get the warning and dismiss it (I have a bed resistor). The problem is the 85mph limit is hit and miss. There is no consistency. It only does it occasionally. I have pulled over, shut it off, and restarted, and it will go beyond 85. It''s crazy. No codes, but could it be something else and not the suspension?
  3. I believe the miles are a mix of both. I had to remove the air inlet to replace the alternator (that it didn't actually need, but that's another story) and I did notice the butterfly was Tarnished/tinted/dirty. Maybe I'll get lucky with a cleaner through the intake. I had my last truck 17 years and knew everything about it. This one is all new to me so I'm lost.
  4. 2015 GMC Sierra Denali 5.3 4WD with 93k miles I've only owned the truck about a month. It has always been well maintained (I know the owner indirectly). Three days ago, I was entering the highway and acceleration semi-aggressively as it was a short runway. The CEL started flashing and did so about 5 times and never again during my hour long drive home. The trip sees a wide range of speed acceleration, V8 and V4 conditions. Speeds between 25 and 80. It didn't do it again until today. Today it flashed longer and went away. The first time I felt no performance change. This time I seemed to feel a stumble/sputter, but accelerating harder made it go away. I stopped and read the codes at the parts store and got the P0307. Initial research paints a scary picture. I "hope" it is just a wire, plug, coil, but I'm not typically that lucky. There is no tapping or ticking and both times it was in the same exact spot of roadway and same conditions. I just took it for a ride after sitting several hours and I can't duplicate the issue. No CEL regardless of acceleration and no stumble at all. Would a failing lifter be intermittent? Any ideas? What I plan to do is swap wires, check #7 plug, and see what happens. Problem is, I won't know if I had any impact if I can't repeat the issue. Note: It is due for an oil change. Any additive (that actually works) I can put in to free up a part that may be sticking? I'm all ears on the issue. I hate to think that I have to tear an engine apart on a truck I just bought. Before anything gets worse, would programming the AFM out help at this point or am I already to late? Thank you
  5. Thank you both. I bought Husky floor mats for rainy days and they DEFINITELY are black and I see the difference at the door sill trim. A couple friends are telling me I'm nuts, so either we all are, or it's something not quite black. Thanks for the replies.
  6. I have a 2015 Sierra Denali that is black. I just got it about a month ago and thought the interior was also black. I opened my door with the bright sun behind my back and it looks like it is black and dark brown...like espresso or something. Is this bad eyes or is it possible? There doesn't seem to be an option for this and I bought coco replacement mats that are NOT a match. The plastic seat frame pieces look dark dark brown as well. I'd post a picture, but I don't think it will show up well enough to know it isn't black.
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