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  1. I installed some Escalade switchback handles and mirror reflectors on my 2015.5 Silverado 2500 HD. I’ve had these switchback mirror reflectors and door handles on my truck for a few months now with zero problems. A couple nights ago they started acting funny. I noticed that the turn indicator on the drivers side mirror glows solid red now (just bright enough you can tell it’s illuminated) and when I turn the turn signal on for that side, they switch back and forth from white to amber, which they should be amber only. I can’t upload the video I have! Here’s where it’s throwing me off, I can turn on my high beams or turn on my park lights (turn indicator on the mirror stops glowing) and both the mirror and door handles function correctly. All the drivers are new and all connections are made together properly. I even moved the drivers and mirror reflector from the drivers side to the passenger side (functions correctly as of now) and everything worked perfect! All turn signal bulbs on the truck are good! I’ve also replaced the turn signal switch on the column and this still didn’t fix the problem. Anyone have an idea what’s going on? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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