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  1. Thank you for your feedback. It is not an aftermarket head unit. It is the stock infotainment system. I was originally at v805 and it updated to v807, thats when my focal amp bit the dust. I'm thinking it has to be from the update. Don't really want to spend the money for the nav.tv unit, but if its a must then its a must.
  2. ground wire is tight and has a clean connection to the bolt holding the seat in place.
  3. I do not have any blown fuses. I will look to see where the amp is grounded when i get home from work. If it is the ground wire, would the subs work to a certain point and then stop?
  4. Not to thread jack this. Here is my current issue. I have a 2019 LTZ with bose. Back in november i had a local car audio place install a JL stealthbox. I was at the time using my old Focal 1.800 amp. In the middle of january, i had an update on my factory head unit. It installed the update while i was at work. When i went to get in the truck after work, system turned on but no base from the subs. Come to find out, my focal amp had died. Fast forward 7 weeks and i have a new JL 750 HD amp installed. They are having one hell of a time getting it to sync up. If the volume gets turned up too far, it starts clipping the system, and then shuts off to protect the speakers. This is really annoying. I know have over 2500 spent and can not listen to my music very loud. Any ideas from you all on why this would be happening? Is it a bad amp? is the update to the factory unit creating all the problems?
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