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  1. the xv amp doesn't need the LC2i. I believe the rear speakers are the ones to tap into on the newer systems. Thats one reason i stepped up to the VX amp is so i wouldn't have to mess with the LOC or nav tv.
  2. The 750/1 kept clipping and shutting off. The VX amp works way better than the hd amp did.
  3. Got everything done with yesterday. Unfortunately they did not take a pictures. I have spent the last several hours throwing every type of music i can at these subs with the new VX amp. Have not had a single hick up yet. I am ecstatic with the sound system again. It could have just been a bad JL 750 HD amp. But since i moved up to the VX1000 i am beyond happy.
  4. As of right now, not using a fix 82 or a loc. Spoke with JL and they said with the VX line of amps, i will not need anything else.
  5. I'm getting my JL VX amp installed tomorrow, so hopefully no more issues for me.
  6. What version is on your infotainment system? When mine was at V805 i didn't have any issues with my aftermarket system. As soon as it updated to V807, my focal amp died. Just curious if this is more of a GM problem then with my aftermarket equipment.
  7. JL has told me that with the VXi amps, i will not need the LOC or the fix. They did however recommend the NAv.Tv
  8. so when i go to the VXi amp, will i no longer need the loc or the jl fix installed?
  9. because the current JL750HD amp isn't working properly. Has never worked properly. So i am upgrading the amp to the next level, and why i'm at it i am also upgrading to the fix82. Next step is getting the Nav.tv if i have to. I am not familiar enough with what the VX amp can or cannot do.
  10. opened the amp up over the weekend. Everything was set correct, i played around with the gain and the sensitivity dial. Never found the sweet spot. I'm thinking it is a bad amp. I have a JL fix82 on its way to replace the loc22 that is currently in there and then a new JL VX1000.1 to replace the current JL HD750. We are on a lock down know for our county, so it might be a few weeks before i can get this done.
  11. Thank you for your feedback. It is not an aftermarket head unit. It is the stock infotainment system. I was originally at v805 and it updated to v807, thats when my focal amp bit the dust. I'm thinking it has to be from the update. Don't really want to spend the money for the nav.tv unit, but if its a must then its a must.
  12. ground wire is tight and has a clean connection to the bolt holding the seat in place.
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