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  1. I just downsized from a full size F150 (I know - not apples to apples). Couple thoughts - First - 95% of the time I'm alone in the truck so I dont need seating for 6. 4.5% of the time I have my wife with me & 0.5% I have my wife & maybe one or two others. So I prefer the crew cab - but dont really NEED the crew cab. Second - I tow something maybe 15% to 20% of my miles. Fishing boat, 16ft car trailer, utility trailer. All are WELL WITHIN the 7700# rating for my 2.8l baby max. Plus - I get really good mileage compared to the 2.7L of fury from the Ford Ecoboost. My F150 got 9mpg towing my fishing boat & 5 mpg towing the pontoon boat. The max isn't broken in yet - but I'm expecting to tow the fishing boat at close to 20 mpg. Third - the remaining 80% of my driving I just dont need a full size truck. They look nice - tough as nails bad ass 4x4 blah blah - I get it - I do it (1979 bronco) - but in my day to day it's just not necessary. Forth - I immediately found the Canyon did not have the storage space that the F150 had. I used to run a toolbox in the F150 - the wife thinks the Canyon Denali is too "upscale" to stuff a tool box into. So I got a higher end roll up bed cover & built some bed slide boxes to store all of my crap ( mostly tow straps & ammo cans ). So far I'm really happy with my choice (I have to say that because I just bought it LOL) but to be honest - most of the positives I've listed you will get with the full size Diesel compared to any full size gas engine. So the choice as I see it is do you want or need the extra space from the full size? Personal preference.
  2. I found the Revolver X2 cover on facebook marketplace. It's originally $1k - I got it for $200. Things are starting to come together.
  3. Catch can complete. Programmed a new garage door opener. Added my gun mount. Added a tonneau cover.
  4. Clean cell phone mount. I plan to re-film this using the go-pro so you can see how the phone looks when attached.
  5. added a subtle touch to the hood. I think the thin pinstripe looks nice - not obnoxious, matches the duramax & GMC badges. I am going to try a couple different color pin stripes down the side - the red didnt look right. Silver/Gold/White - not sure yet.
  6. I apologize before we start for the length of this post - I am doing it more for my own documentation & maybe something I do will be of interest to my fellow truckers - & I am always open to learn from you - so don't be shy about sharing your ideas. I just purchased a 2020 GMC Canyon Duramax on Saturday - was a surreal experience during the COVID outbreak. Technically I bought the truck "used" however it only had 204 miles on it when I drove it off the lot. Apparently someone at GM drove it for a day & I got it at a SIGNIFICANTLY DISCOUNTED PRICE - no I will not say the price - but it was an amazing deal. I also negotiated an extended warranty - bumper to bumper for 8 years & 160k miles. NOT TOO SHABBY. I plan to use this thread to document all of the stuff I do as well as anything I like or don't like about the truck over the years. First order of business was to break in the engine *GASP* Yep I believe all the hype about getting the rings to seat. One of the main reasons I bought this particular brand of truck was the available diesel engine. Diesels are just the best engines out there for towing - even tiny little diesel engines. I tow a fishing boat at just under 4k lbs loaded. I tow a 16ft car trailer & a 5x8 utility when I go kayaking. So I hooked up the boat & drug it around for a hundred miles - fast & slow, up hills & down. I'll do that about a million more times before I sell the truck - so might as well get it started. My main fishing hole is about a 45 minute drive from my house & I plan to go fishing every single day that is warm enough & my wife wont freak out - especially now since I can't play poker with my friends & I can be alone while fishing. I do not go off road - other than the occasional romp around the yard. I do need 4x4 - winter sucks & it's just necessary. I've started the catch can - but need to wait until later this evening to finish it up (need a new length of hose & COVID is keeping me from going to the parts store). What I am thinking about doing..... 1) Nothing that will void my warranty - its just too good. 2) Finish the catch can 3) Pin stripe - I have done the hood (pics soon) - I tried adding a pin stripe to the sides, it looked OK - but honestly it looked a little cheap, so I pulled them off.......I'm considering a different color stripe - Show me your pin stripes! 4) Alexa - I have already connected the truck to Alexa - so now I can basically do anything the MYGMC app can do through voice commands from my house or phone. 5) Gun mount - Please send me any pics if you have done this! I want to add my concealed carry to the interior of my truck. 6) Not sure if I will do it - but it looks really cool - Tesla 12 inch display. I will need to make sure I pay off a CRAP ton of other things before I drop a grand for a new screen - but it looks pretty cool. 7) Tune - I have yet to start looking - but if I find one that doesn't kill my warranty & increases my MPG's I'm in. 8). Swing away toolbox - I already have one - just need to install it. I like that it's low profile & will fit under the lid. 9) Truck bed cover - I'm VERY picky about the appearance - If I dont find one I like that isn't a crap ton of money I'll make one myself - more to come 10) LED strip under the tailgate - I have one of the cheap chinese ones that plugs into the towing harness - Does anyone know how to hard wire these without messing anything up? Is there a plug available I can buy so I don't compromise any wires? 11) Rust Proof - it will be done before winter - I'll either pay a Ziebart type place or do it myself - depends on my mood. 12) Storage, internal & in bed storage. This truck is much smaller than the F150 I traded. Plus my F150 had a large toolbox. I want to keep all the necessities with me in case the SHTF. What I am thinking I will not do...... 1) Lift - at least for now - it just isn't necessary for me. 2) Delete - as much as I would really like to do this - 160k mile warranty says I won't. 3) No roll bar, not going to soak it in off road lights. I like that look - but not on this truck. 4) I'm keeping the air dam - for now anyway. One of the coolest things about this truck is the mpg - so I don't want to reduce that - even by 1 That's my story - at least for now on day 2 of ownership! Thanks in advance for all the great advice I am sure I will get over the coming years.
  7. Hitch extender is the best cheap option. 5ft bed - 2ft tailgate - so you would want the extender to go maybe 4 feet out - so somewhere around the 9ft mark on your Yak. That should make it more than stable enough & not drag unless you hit a steep incline. I use a utility trailer for mine - scour craigslist & marketplace - eventually you can get a deal on an old trailer - but it's rare to see something for less than $500 that doesn't need tires & lights & wires & maybe new decking. But decking, lights, wires & tires are fairly cheap & really easy - so if the price is right....
  8. Thanks guys for the great responses! Glad to see others use these trucks as trucks too! Yes - the instance I was referring to was a ZR2 & it was towing off road. I was really concerned after hearing GM denied the claim though & did so because he didn't have brakes on the trailer but it was only 2100 lbs. I've never measured the tongue weight of my boats - but it's not light so I got into my head for a second. Yep - I pick it up in 2 weeks assuming I'm still alive & not a zombie by then. I can't wait to get in it & break in the engine!
  9. Hi all - I have picked out a new 2020 GMC Canyon 2.8 Duramax. I will be trading in my 2018 F150 with the 2.7L Ecoboost & have a couple statements / comparisons & then questions. I bought the F150 new 2 years ago - it was an upgrade to a 4 door from a 2 door F150 - both had the same 2.7L engine though the 18 F150 also has the 10 speed transmission. I loved the older truck & engine and I really thought I would love the new one too - but that just isn't the case. First - the 2.7L engine is REALLY FREAKIN GREAT in the smaller truck - but gas mileage in the larger truck just sucks. I used to get 22 to 24mpg on the highway (77mph) & now I get 18. That is empty. When towing my fishing boat I get 9.5mpg & when towing the pontoon boat I get 5mpg. Honestly that is just unacceptable for a modern truck. Secondly - the 10 speed tranny sucks - I had the 6 speed before & it was snappy & responsive, the 10 speed is a slushbox that can't seem to get out of it's own way - not to mention the clunks & missed shifts & the "manual transmission" feel to the shifts (Ford changed to a new shifter about 5 years ago that really feel strange in an auto tranny). Other than that - I like the truck. The technology is cool, though I have a base model XL with the STX appearance package (larger display, upgraded bucket interior & 20 inch wheels). I have a bunch of trailers & have always loved towing (88M in the army - truck driver). As mentioned before - the Pontoon, 24ft long - like towing a warehouse though - sits SUPER high & wide. Has surge brakes - I'm guessing it weighs in around 4k lbs fully loaded - maybe a shade less. My aluminum fishing boat (20ft with a 175hp motor) isn't much less, but it tucks in behind the truck more - maybe 3500 lbs (surge brakes, but they are old & don't work). Then I have my 16ft car trailer - I tow the Kubota & occasionally toss a car up there. No brakes on this one (yet). I have a 5x8 fUtility trailer I use to drag the kayaks around & any general small stuff I don't feel like lifting up into the truck bed. Also no brakes. I'm going with the Denali for a number of reasons - but I'm going for the Diesel specifically so I get better mileage in my day to day drives & when towing. The thing is - I've seen some people saying the frames on these trucks are weak & towing can bend/break the frames. I've looked at the owners manual & see that despite the 7700 lb towing rating, any trailer over 2k lbs requires brakes on all axles (page 210) & a tongue weight of 10 to 15% overall weight. Well - a 4k lb trailer means 400 to 600 lbs of tongue weight - This is clearly within the "max trailer tongue weight of 770lb" - see page 207 of the 2020 GMC Canyon owners manual. Now - In one case I've seen GM denied a warranty claim on a bent frame claiming the truck was overloaded because the owner was towing a 2100 lb camper but didn't have brakes on the camper trailer. In addition - they said the tongue weight was 380lbs which exceeded the 15% (315lbs) tongue weight mentioned in the owners manual - despite the manual clearly stating a 770lb max tongue weight. So - long story for a short question. Is the frame weak? Should I be looking to beef up the frame if I am going to tow a boat with more tongue weight? Do you think I should invest in brakes on my car trailer & refresh them on the boat trailer to be safe? Last note - as much as I love to off road - I don't have anyplace to do so - so the truck will see 99.5% on road with the occasional trip through the grass in my yard & maybe one annual trip on a gravel road during deer camp - so this truck is really to be my daily driver & tow vehicle. Thoughts & experiences are welcome! Oh - & thank you for letting me rant!
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