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  1. Have you tried a reset? Is Bluetooth on and its connecting to your phone?
  2. Greetings everyone. I have a 2019 GMC with the intellink system and have experienced issues like some of you have been going though. Being the curious type and love working with programming and electronics I have a few suggestions. Now keep in mind my phone is Android based. Here a few suggestions that I follow and my system works pretty well. 1. I always turn my phone off every day in the morning then back on before I go to work. This help clear memory and non working programs from gumming up you phone. 2. Have updates on the phone working. Google is always updating Google Auto and Google maps. 3. If you are going to plug your phone in make sure Bluetooth on your phone is off and make sure Bluetooth is off on the phone before you turn on your truck. 4. If your going to be plugging in your phone I always plug it in the truck before I turn the truck on. 5. If you have to enter a security code to get into your phone make sure you are logged in to your phone before you turn the truck on because if you dont then you will get a blank screen. This has happen to me many times. 6. USB cables are not all the same! This is important. If your using a cable from your laptop or some other devise to power up its not going to work well. If the USB cable has been walked on, crushed, pinned in any way that cable is going to give you issues big time and your gmc truck will be getting issues. Make sure you have a good, thick data USB cable and dont use the power cable that came with the phone. Treat the cable like gold. 7. If Google, or Maps or Waze or YouTube music does a big update sometimes the screen goes blank. Not sure why but I give it a few mins and let it do its thing. 8. Last thing, if my fingers are dirty or dusty it will have a effect on the screen. I work outside in the landscape business and have found the screen likes non dusty fingers. Dont know why but its life! Sorry about long post, I thought it would be shorter but I figures this could help out some way. I have yet to do a factory reset on this system. Sometimes its good to do a reset on systems like this once in a while. When i get to that point will let you know. Good luck!
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