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  1. I bought it with a dead CD player. A yard an hour from here sold me a radio/ cd/ cassette with the vin from the donor vehicle. Last week it was installed by an expert. Yesterday the local Chevy dealer unblocked it for $136. + tax. Drove home and installed a CD You can guess. The yard offered me another radio...untested. OOPS! If the radio is removed and taken to a repair shop, how long will it hold the unblocking program? Please advise.
  2. My 04 Trail Blazer uses a steel rod to prop the hood open. What other Trail Blazer or a twin to it uses hydraulic struts?
  3. Very interesting. No one has ever written in to the Ford Forum quite like you have. I hunch you voted for trump. I did find the instructions on line. They would not print. I paid a fair price for the Trail Blazer. I have invested in several items for it since buying it to include a working radio, a cargo shade & mat etc. It's easy to shell out the $136. to program the radio. When your told after the fact that it can be done for much less on line....... I hunch you never buy anything on line to save $$$$.
  4. This week I bought an 04 Trail Blazer. Super nice loaded with options. Today I received a replacement radio...with CD and cassette with RDS for $67. delivered. I phoned my local Chevy dealer to learn what's involved with the registration of it. It takes about 45 min. at a cost of $136. Any suggestions? I found the web sight. It would not print. & I could not refind that web sight. My funds have priorities. Saving $136. is important.
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