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  1. As crazy as it may sound, I took mine into the dealership and they had no idea what it could be. So, they took off interior door panel to find out what may be going on and a plug was simply unplugged. Plugged back together and everything worked fine. We bought the vehicle used, so cannot speak to it's previous life, but the fix was much simpler and much less invasive than I was afraid. Hopefully yours will be as simple as well!
  2. I'm thinking a dealership visit as well. I was hoping to avoid that, but as I've researched more and more, I'm not finding much information. I'm going to give this post a few more days to see if anybody else will hit me back. Thanks for the ideas!
  3. Thanks for the advice. I have tried with both key fobs and neither work. What would be the chances of neither not working? Also, if key fob were there problem, the passenger side probably wouldn't work either would it?
  4. Hey all! I am new here, but have a very frustrating item on our new (to us) 2018 GMC Yukon XL Denali. The buttons on the exterior door handles that lock and unlock are driving me crazy. I think these are called passive entry buttons (not sure on the actual name). Both buttons on the passenger side work just fine, but neither of the ones on driver side work. They depress, but nothing happens. I have checked all fuses that may be associated with this system and they are good. I have went thru settings on infotainment system with no luck either. Please tell me someone else has seen this problem and can help me out! Thank you so much!
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