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  1. If you haven't bought one yet and are still on the market right now is the best time, it seems like internet-wide every site is having a 15% off flash sale this weekend on everything BAK. I just purchased the BAK F1 tonneau cover from realtruck.com
  2. Don't wait up for me, I'm stuck overseas right now but it's definitely something I'll be doing once I'm home. I'll update this post when the time comes!
  3. \ Yea same as mine. I still haven't seen any wheel skins for these. I'm about ready to just plasti dip them glossy black to see what they would look like before I consider powder coating them.
  4. I have been constantly looking since I bought my truck last year with no luck.
  5. Are you talking about wheel skins for the 20" RST wheels?
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