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  1. Ok guys I remote started her and let it run the 15 minutes till she shut off and ran out and checked. The seats were both heating just not as much as I would like. My previous truck would have them red hot in about 5 minutes. Im a little disappointed but not the end of the world. The 6.2L 10 speed makes up for the little things!! Haha Thanks for the help!
  2. Yes seats are leather, yes the setting is on and yes the dealer confirmed its not heating but they probably didn't let it warm up very long? I'll try remote starting it until it shuts off to see if they warm up any. That really sucks if thats the case, all my other vehicles warm up very fast and get very hot...
  3. The seat is ice cold, definitely not heating while the steering wheel is heating.
  4. I recently purchased a 2020 silverado RST. When I remote start the seats do not heat but the steering wheel does telling me its cold enough (Minnesota) when I turn the truck on and manually hit the heated seats they work fine. Yes the setting is correct for seats to come on with remote start. Its at the dealer and they cannot figure it out, telling me they will touch base with GM and see if there is an update... Anybody else have this issue?
  5. Awesome thanks for the reply! How's the drone with the delete? I'm considering this option right now, I have a 6.2
  6. Are you guys getting check engine lights with different mufflers or muffler deletes?
  7. I've picked out my truck and price, I have my appraisal of my trade and ready to go but the dealer im working with does not have the truck I want and the dealers that do will not trade with them. Im thinking about just ordering a brand new 2020 the way I want it and waiting. My salesman told me 8-10 weeks to take delivery, is this accurate? How long did yours take?
  8. Any idea when the 21 will hit dealers? I'm curious how it will affect pricing of 2020s and if it will be worth waiting to buy the 2020 to save some cash?
  9. I'm about to close a deal trading my current truck for a new RST. Im happy with the trade offer on my truck and im happy with the price of the new truck. Im wondering if i should wait until the 2021 comes out to have the newest model with a possibly redesign or get the 2020 and kind of be a year behind? Will there actually be a redesign on the 2021?
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