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  1. I have an Elevation 2.7 4x4 with the 2-speed so this is an option available with the right trim package.
  2. Heard it for a while on my 2020 Sierra passenger side, I added the factory front mud flaps and seemed like the noise went away? I figured it was the factory side steps whistling and the flaps changed the wind flow, I also swapped to a shorty antenna on the passenger side. Good luck
  3. That is what I was thinking, looked like what used to be out in front nose of other vehicles. Thanks for the answer sir! No puddle light easy swap for me.
  4. Hello, had the truck for over 6 months before noticing a puddle light hole only under the passenger side mirror, and something in the hole with wires going to it. anyone know what this is as it does not seem to light up? wondering if I can add one GMC logo puddle light here unless this is something else entirely. 2020 Elevation no power fold mirror, I swapped to color matched caps and noticed this.
  5. They really look perfect with a running board right behind them, good luck.
  6. I installed the larger OEM fronts on my 2020 Elevation, they do NOT require drilling into metal but one hole through the wheel well liner for a rivet. FYI
  7. What amazes me is the rpm at 75 mph is only like 1500-1600 with this 8-speed, and the torque means it never downshifts on a grade. Only 2000 miles so far for me and new to the site, but the engine sound is the only thing weird coming from several 5.3's.
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