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  1. Any word on if it vibrated after you did the reseating?
  2. Sorry for any confusion. I have a 2WD 2020 Sierra, but I am thinking of trading in for a 4WD variant with the 2.7L and G80. I wanted to see if anyone had any issues or got stuck because of no 4WD LO.
  3. Here is TFL doing a towing test: https://youtu.be/cSxBKR___Sg
  4. Hi All, I currently have a 2020 GMC Sierra SLE 2WD 2.7L with the aFe power package (aka all products for the 2.7L). I love my engine and truck, but regret not getting the 4WD variant. I only go off-pavement when hunting and light camping. I wanted to see how off-roading with only 4WD Hi and the G80 locker. Thanks for everyone's insight on this.
  5. My truck stock was getting 24.6 mpg on the highway. I increased tire size from 275/60 to 275/65 and added a leveling kit. Mileage dropped to 20 mpg highway. I love it and wouldn't trade it.
  6. I am running the wrangler trailrunner AT on my truck. They are great! Consumer reports rated it 2nd in ATtruck tires. They are snow rated. They are very very quiet. And aren't very expensive. My only concern is the tire life being only 55k.
  7. I run the 275/65R20 trailrunners on my 2020 2WD SLE. I have a 2 inch leveling kit also. No trimming or rubbing at all.
  8. I will check my glove box tomorrow. I have the same truck.
  9. I went with the 2020 2WD GMC Sierra SLE with the 2.7L in mid February. I was able to out the door for $34,700. It has the preferred package, convenience package, towing package, and 20 inch wheels with all seasons(275/60R20). To compare it to the Silverado would be an LT with the all-star package and towing package. I liked the styling of the Sierra over the Silverado. I love the engine. I have 8,600 miles on it. Before the leveling kit and bigger tires, I average 24 mpg on the highway and 19 mpg in the city. After the modifications, 22 mpg highway and 18 mpg city. I have done a lot of tinkering. I added: aFe momentum gt intake aFe downpipe aFe scorcher tuner Borla S-type exhaust 2 inch leveling kit Added bigger tires Wrangler Trailrunner AT (275/65R20)
  10. I have the Borla S-type exhaust with stainless tips. I wish there was a way to get a 2.7L badge like they have with the 5.3 and 6.2. I added the black GMC Decals front and back which probably added 5-6 horsepower. ?
  11. I ordered scorcher, downpipe, and momentum intake 1st week of April. They arrived 2nd week of June. Got my truck back last week from VR.
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