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  1. Thanks guys. And Yeah my issue isn’t necessarily with size. It more that I want a more aggressive tread especially when winter comes back around. That being said the width is what I’m wanting more so than height. And agreed it’s minimal (maybe from 10.8 to 11.5 depending on tire) but if I’m upgrading tires I’d like to change the size as well. On my Previous Silverado the stock size of 275s to 295s made a world of difference in the hills and added much more curb appeal than you’d think. My new gmc however does seem tighter. Especially the Control arms. Also yes it’s the elevation x31 with the black rims that I really like so wanted to keep em on without using a spacer. How would I find out the “actual sizes “ of different brands? Again thanks guys. Planning to put airbags on the rear soon to to help the sag when towing the trailer but the rear isn’t an issue anyways for this topic.
  2. Was going to upgrade tires in my 2020 Sierra elevation. Have the stock black rims which I like so I’d like to keep em on. 2inch level kit in front. was hoping to do at 295/60 20 but looks like the new sierras are a tight fit. Anyone know which sizes fit/don’t fit before I order them? thanks
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