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  1. @abraham Lincoln I wish I could tell you. My truck is still at the dealership waiting on them since there on backorder. I can send those pictures to my service advisor and see if they can give a clear answer on that.
  2. Yeah my service advisor told me they redesigned the nuts to pull the spoiler closer to help seal it better, as I've been told. Just hope they get the nuts soon. Driving a Camaro is fun but doesn't compare to these trucks.
  3. I'm not 100% sure, I'm assuming it has something to do with sealing the spoiler to the truck better than what the assembly line put on.
  4. Purchased a 19 Sierra at4, unfortunately I fell victim to this window leak. The truck is been at the dealership since May 8th, so its been about 10 days. Waiting on the bolts that hold the rear roof spoiler to the roof, my understanding is that the bolts have to be replaced after removing the spoiler. So that being said these bolts are on backorder with no ETA on arrival to the dealership. The truck does sit inside so I don't have to worry about more water getting in the truck, and they did give me a Camaro to drive in the mean time. But my question is has anyone had to wait for these bolts to come in and how long did it take to get some?
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