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  1. Nice boat and truck! What brand of airbags do you have? I bought an AT4 a few weeks ago and want to get a leveling kit, but will need to get airbags once it's installed.
  2. I'm ordering this! Looks awesome. Like it's made in USA as well.
  3. I am impressed with the interior of my Sierra. Before I bought it, I knew the reviews all complained about the interior. The F150 is dated, but coming up for a redesign. I can't stand the Ram, especially that stupid knob transmission shifter. The navigation system is much easier to use than our BMW 5 series. Time will tell how it holds up, but am very happy with the interior.
  4. I tried but can't tell what's inside...Great looking truck though!
  5. Bought my AT4 almost two weeks ago. The Elevation is a great looking truck but I wanted the 6.2L engine and the Tech Package. Absolutely love the truck and to me it's worth the extra $$. SLT is a great value but didn't want all the chrome.
  6. Just bought an AT4 last week. The Elevation was not even on my consideration list since you can't get the 6.2L engine. The AT4 checked all my boxes, and not having a ton of chrome helps too! Absolutely love the truck! Can't be happier with my purchase.
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