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  1. Thank you for that information. I was not aware about a buy back. I am not in the lemon law timeframe anymore (missed it by 2 months.
  2. Yes, and they said same thing. If they cannot duplicate it, they cannot fix it.
  3. I’ve had my 2017 Silverado 4X4 in shop 5 times, not including countless phone calls-even call GM directly, because my entire dash goes out, losing headlights, radio, hands free phone only to be told “we can’t duplicate the problem!” Once I was driving east on I 16 and had to pull off the road to call and they wanted me to come straight to their shop. It was 3 hours in the opposite direction at 5 pm! GM closed case because the dealership said they couldn’t duplicate it! Well, they had to know about the problem because the put a new battery in, then they changed the headlight switch, then they tried updating the memory, etc., etc. I have always been a Chevy girl, but at this rate, I’m rethinking Chevy!
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