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  1. Thank you, Chris. I really really appreciate the quick reply and the information. I kind of suspected it would involve something with the ECM, but I wanted to be sure it wasn't something else, while also was hoping it was maybe a plug end or another sensor or something and not the ECM. Thanks again. You're an asset to this forum.
  2. Hello Everyone. I've been searching for some specific information about issues related to the TPS replacement on my 2011 Silverado 5.7L 4X4. Unfortunately, all of the TPS info I found was related to rough idle or power loss or something in the opposite direction of my issue. I was getting some error codes for the TPS, so I replaced it. Just the sensor at first, but ended up replacing the TB as well. Long story short, I went through the re-learn process several times on bothe bew TPS units. Idle for 3 mins, turn off for 1 min, idle for 3 mins and so on. I also drove the truck city driving style and on the hwy. None of this has made a difference. The issues I am facing now are a very high sustained idle after pressing the accelerator and a self acceleration issue after being put into gear. I have been over countless posts, websites and videos about the re-learn process and I am confident I am doing it correctly. I have even hooked up a Snap-On Modis to it and the only issue it shows with the new TPS is a vacuum leak warning, but the data it's reporting does not support the warning as the FtoA ratios are consistently within the normal specified values and consistent with the O2 sensor readings. Is there anything I am missing in terms of additional sensors, valves, switches that tie into the TPS circuit between it and the ECM? Is it possible that the ECM just isn't able to re-learn due to some unknown programming issue that can only be addressed by the dealer? Has anyone seen this before or have any insight as to legitimate potential causes for the issue? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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