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  1. That's pretty much what I'm thinking as well, I wonder where i will be when that decides to die next time ... it will no doubt be the coldest day of the year. I'll have an opportunity to discuss with the dealer this week since my Adaptive Cruise Control doesn't work since I picked it up this morning.
  2. Awesome Truck all the way around, if only it didn't want to be at the dealer so much ... My 2020 AT4 Carbon Pro - pulled the truck into the driveway on Saturday lunch time, shut it off and left home, returned home the next day 26 hours later and key fob wouldn't do anything at all, got the other fob, same issue, opened the locked door with the actual key and found everything inside was completely dead. Opened the hood and put a battery charger on it, but the charger wouldn't charge, it was just pulsing into overload for a short time then shut down. Called a tow truck, he tried a booster pack, truck had power on some things but would not turn over. Strange thing, my son reported that late afternoon Saturday he noticed some lights on the front of the truck flickering on and off, then just stopped before he could video it. With the charger and booster pack attached, the lights were flickering on and off intermittently as well?? Not sure what the truck is trying to tell me but something was on and loading the battery down after the truck was shut off. No issues with the truck battery or starting although related or not, when the remote started was used, after i entered the truck, applied my foot ot the brake and pressed the button so I could start driving, the infotainment system did not start up, the center dash remained black powered down, no nav, no music nothing, it would only start working if I stopped, shut the truck off and restarted again with the push button, then everything worked just as it should. There was nothing else out of the ordinary until Sunday when the truck was completely dead. Tuesday evening, word from the dealer, "we charged up the battery, seems to be holding a charge fine, truck works as it should, come pick it up we can't find anything" ........................we all know where this leads, when and where is my 6 month old $86K truck going to leave me stranded next and am I going to wait fora tow truck for 4 hours again next time on the side of the road? Any similar stories with an actual root cause resolve? Previous to this at 1 month old this truck was in for two visits to resolve an engine light that had a code telling me my lithium battery for my hybrid drive had an issue … this ended up resulting in a couple sleep over nights for my truck at the dealer and new invertor / power supply component that is under the dash … and no, the truck is not a hybrid so that did make the code seem a little unsettling from the programming / software point of view. This repair did make the problem go away until the new issue this weekend.
  3. I find the text functionality poor as well, it is ok sending texts, but nothing is displayed to tell you who you are actually sending it to, their is an audible notification but sometimes it says the full name, sometimes just a first name .. and that can result in problems texting the wrong person .. I haven't manged to figure out how to receive texts just though the infotainment system, if it is possible? The functionality is fine through Apple Car play but a bit of a pain plugging the phone in all the time just to be able to use phone functions that should work through the infotainment system. I was actually just thinking the same thing about the side camera view with no trailer, not a big deal but like I bought all these cameras and functionality, a little custom function would be great. I'm not as bothered by little design things as much as I am bothered by the problems and time at the dealership.
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