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  1. The tech did not get any trouble code coming from the video module. This computer is apparently behind the left side upper part of the back seat. The mechanic went throughout series of diagnosis tests guided by GM technical support over the phone he told me. The only possibility now is a defect video module... without sending any trouble code. A new video module is on his way to my GMC Dealer. I will keep your guys posted for sure if it fixes my problem... or not.
  2. This week, I left my camera to the dealer`s mechanic. He tested the camera with another truck in stock. It worked just fine with it. Got a appointment to make it fixed on my truck yesterday. Now, just got a phone call from my dealer service representative saying that they are in contact with the GMC Technical help. Apparently the video module might be defect. The video module is ordered and will be changed when it comes in. I do not mind too much about the transparent view feature. Anyway, I doubt that the shape of my 34 feet long fifth wheel can match with the transparent view system. But as you say Michael Blanchard, I would like to be able to see behind the trailer whilst driving to see either if there is someone too close in my back or to see my 2nd trailer towed behind my fifthwheel. Keep posted. I will put more when the video module is changed...
  3. Thank you for the tip! This morning, I was with the mechanic in my dealer`s garage. The camera reacted exactly the same as it did the first time I plugged it. It worked the first time for a few seconds. The technician used a tool to fake a trailler plugged in the 7 pin socket. When the technician tried to show me which setting he tried to check to insure the camera was connected, blackout. We tried everything afterward to make it work again. Nothing could make it happen. He plugged the OBD2 tool to retreive all trouble codes that could have been stored sisce I got the truck. There was as of today 3700km on the odometer of my truck and only one single trouble code appeared on his computer: U0184 – Data bus: radio – no communication. Fake trailer was plugged, camera plugged. We tried several times to reset the whole thing: unplug both camera and trailer, turn everything off, let it die completely until the OnStar green light was shut off. Nothing could make it. I left the garage after he told me that he was ask GM-technical support help. I am presently waiting. The work order is still opened. Logicaly, I am not a specialist, but I would suspect either a hardware (intermitent) problem with the camera or a software problem in the Radio/Screen/Camera control system.
  4. Well guys, Thank you for your comments. I do not feel alone no more. I ordered my truck january 6th. Got it from the dealer during the pandemic april 8. I did not take the model with the mirror cameras neither the front one. I have the one in the tale gate, and the one on the roof so I can keep an eye on the pin while hooking the rigg. I ordered the camera for the back of my fifth wheel at the same time and it was on the original contract with the dealer. It was back order from the supplier. This whole system from what I understand comes from a european company: Valeo. : https://www.valeo.com/fr/premiere-mondiale-au-ces-2019-de-valeo-xtravue-trailer-lattelage-invisible-en-demonstration-sur-piste-dessai/ They are the ones who ingeneered the whole camera system (view from top, view throught the trailer and so on). I tried 3 times to make it work and it does not. It looks to me like if the truck does not recognize the camera at all. I even tried to plug it in the inside camera socket. Then I got a black screen once. That was my best result. I opened the fuse box in the engine compartment. The fuse no 37 is "euro trlr conn 20amp" I thought that I had just find the problem, there was no fuse in the whole! I put a 20amp fuse in it and I discovered that there was no connection underneath the plastic. Then, the fuse is useless... I have an appointment tomorrow at the dealer service. I realy doubt that they will be helpfull... I do not count too much on being able to create a "ghost trailer effect" with my fifth wheel but I would realy like to be able to see behind the trailer when I tow on the road.
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