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  1. Well, bummer news. PN: 84392225 out of stock across the USA. So I decided to just go with the CR Lawerence Power Slider. Oh well, it’s a cheaper way anyhow because I won’t have to buy all the factory items; wire harness, console trim, factory switch, etc... Will update more when it happens. ~Freeman
  2. It has to do with the OnStar antenna. My coworker had to have a leak repaired and the stealership forgot to reconnect the wire harness... got the CAL display. Yesterday I unhooked mine and got the same message. ~Freeman
  3. Update: So this is weird... I tried searching a 2018 Sierra and found that P/N: 84392225 does indeed support Sunroof and Power Slider! I rechecked for for a 2017 and the decription is different and says it does not support the Power Slider. So I'm just going to order it tonight and see what happens. Keep you updated ~Freeman
  4. Howdy, all... the quest continues and need to consult the Oracles. GM Parts Direct says Part Number 84392225 ( 84392225 )console wiring harness only comes up as having the Sunroof connector and does not include the Power Slider This is getting frustrating. It is the only thing holding me back from completing my shopping list. Thanks to Miguel and Csjumper2003 for their patience and willingness to help. ~Freeman
  5. Ok, progress is being made on my end. I contacted a Auto Glass company that is willing to remove and install a slider. Not sure if we are allowed to mention brands here or not, so to play it safe I wont (private text me if you really want to know). Either way I was going to go with the only Sliding Window I could find via a very popular search engine But after removing the back seat and all the trim and molding, I found several unused plugs. See attached picture. I'm assuming one of them is the plug for the factory installed Sliding Window, so now I'm opting for the OEM equivalent window that the Auto Glass company is offering as a choice. And now I'm falling down the rabbit hole trying to figure out all the parts I'll need to make this work. I thought all I needed to open the window was Part Number: 23441999, which is the Push/Pull Cable assembly, but apparently I need the actual motor and bracket, Part Number: 23490454. This is more of a question... I'm also going to need the Overhead Console Trim piece but cant find the one that will fit all my options INCLUDING the new Power Slider Switch. Currently I have: Sunroof, Garage Door Opener, and Airbag Status Indicator. I wrote all this out hoping to help others who are also considering doing this "upgrade" and in short, yes... I need some help with Part Numbers. GM doesn't make it easy to figure out. Thanks for all who read this, and huge thanks to those that can offer some guidance. ~Freeman
  6. That is what the install places around here are saying Thanks for the reply
  7. Howdy, All... I also want to install a slider in my 2017 Sierra. I wanted to ask those that have done this: did you do yourself? I’m having issues finding a business that will do it. what did you install? Factory or aftermarket? did you have to remove the headliner? Thanks for any tips, ~Freeman
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