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  1. Where do I go for a subscription to the full service manual? I bought a chilton manual, it was helpful, but not as detailed As it sounds like this subscription would be
  2. Hi davester- I used a stethoscope. It also got noticeably louder when I took the little cap out of the bottom of the bell housing. Listening to the oil pan and tranny pan, both sound fine. The cats both sound fine as well. I also pulled the o2 before each cat because it sort of acts like a plugged cat, but it still acted sluggish even with both sensors pulled. Plus it seems fine at higher rpm and higher gears. Also ran without the SERP to eliminate those noises
  3. Hi guys- I have a 2013 Sierra 5.3 with 127000 miles. I’ve owed since new. A tick or chirp noise started coming from the bell housing 5 days ago. At the same time I noticed drivability problems. The noise is fairly faint, always there unless accelerating in reverse, and inconsistent (no pattern to it). It gets faster and slightly louder with engine speed. I had thought it was a cracked flex plate, but that doesn’t explain the drivability issue. It bogs down really bad or lacks power starting from a stop. Sometimes it’s really bad, other times you might not notice if it wasn’t your truck. Possibly worse when hot, but so inconsistent it’s hard to say. Any ideas? Torque converter? Trans fluid is clean and full. Thanks for any thoughts!
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