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  1. Thanks, I understand but when they add the 6.2 they usually add other options like the midnight edition. Which sounds cool but on the trail boss not sure what the advantage would be.
  2. Very nice. I will consider. What model? I like the color combo.
  3. I really need to see them at the dealer. The only colors I have deleted are the two whites.
  4. The blue does look awesome with the black wheels. That’s on my list northsky blue. The 6.2 adds around 5k and there are even less in inventory.
  5. Wow, fist post and already being criticized. I was not really asking for advise on color. It was just a statement.
  6. Interested in purchasing a 2020 Trailboss. I love the aggressive looks and my brother in law gets a family discount. I went to a lot a few days ago here in St. Augustine but dealer did not have any on the lot. I am still waiting to do a test drive and planning to trade in my Avalanche. Also not sure what color. Would love to hear some advise.
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