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  1. Brilliant! My wife would love it if I planted some kale.
  2. If the dealer can't fix mine or won't maybe I'll hang a small potted fern below the drip. At least the water won't go to waste.
  3. Finished most of the alterations to the truck that I wanted to do. Truck is a 2020 LT Duramax. Wrapped the bumpers, mirror caps, and front end in matte black. AVS in channel ventvisors (not a good choice, anti pinch is driving me nuts when windows don't stay up), tint, de-badged, Fabtech 3" coil overs with UCA's, Vision wheels 20x9" zero offset, Falken Wildpeak AT3W 295/60/20's (tire only rubs on passenger side at full lock, weird?). No spacers on the wheels. Pretty happy how it looks and rides. Tires are 10 ply so they are heavy. I was worried the truck would struggle with the larger tires and added weight but can hardly tell at all. The diesel motor with all that low end torque really makes up for any extra weight of the tires. Lost a bit on mpg but it's not a problem. Also I can add myself the the passenger side leaking rear window club. Found drips today after washing the truck . Oh well hopefully GM comes up with a good repair. I'm lucky I live in a dry climate, going to wait awhile to see what GM comes up with for a reliable fix. It really is something to pay full price to have a window leak as part of the deal.
  4. I hear you, highway driving is really like a game. To watch the mileage average climb above 30 mpg on most long distance drives is something. I've never liked are been interested in GM products. After doing as much research and reading on the new 3 liter Duramax as I could I'm more than pleased on my choice! Yes the interior isn't super slick but that has never been a buying point for me anyway. The best mileage I ever got on my Tundra was 18 mpg and I don't miss it one bit or the small gas tank.
  5. Did my first road trip and had a section of road were I ended up hypermiling for about 30 miles. Road had a very slight downhill, followed another vehicle and never went above 55 mph, more so because the road was narrow and had too many curves to speed or pass. Once the DIC started to show 35 mpg I started laughing and kept laughing as it continued to climb. Don't think I'll be returning to a gas motor for awhile.
  6. I just finished taking the bumper off the truck, removing all the trim and putting it all back together to wrap the bumper. There is a whole line of bolts that hold that lower piece you damaged onto the metal section of the bumper. Most of them are pretty easy to access for removal except for a few that are under the bumper brackets. You might be able to crawl under the truck and remove them with the bumper still attached. I found this helpful in removing my bumper except mine was a little different. I have a 2020 duramax and there are actually 4 bolts on the top of the bumper under the grill instead of 2 on top and 2 under the bumper that the video shows you need to remove in order to remove the bumper from the frame.
  7. Yes 3M 2080 matte black. Removed front and rear bumpers as well as the mirror caps to get a good tuck of the wrap to prevent it pulling back. Bumpers come off without too much effort. All the plastic end pieces on the bumpers come off pretty easy once the bumpers are removed. Mirror cap clips are super fragile and easy to break. The tricky one is the center grill piece. There are literally 40 small clips that hold the piece onto the main grill as well as reinforcing brackets. Nothing too difficult just time consuming. Also the center piece on the grill needs inlays. The radius is too tight and wide to use one piece of wrap. If you've never wrapped it sounds harder than it is and actually makes it much easier and cleaner once done. Sorry for the long description without pictures but if you go onto Youtube there are videos on how to wrap and do inlays. If you use knifeless tape its even easier to do the inlays. The areas on either side of the bowtie are the places where the inlays go.
  8. I have the AVS in channel ones and only the drivers side window is having issues with the pinch sensor. Not all the time but only occasionally the window won't stay up. I found that you have to be extra careful during installation and try to position them away from the glass as best as you can. Also as another member said one of the back ones is slightly distorted from the glass forcing the visor out of its normal shape. If it becomes a pain in the ass I may remove them and try another brand.
  9. Got tired of waiting for my lift. Did some driveway fantasizing, emphasis on sizing.. 295/60/20 Vision Spyder 20x9 zero offset. Funny there's no rubbing or trimming needed?
  10. 2020 LT Duramax chrome and badge delete with 3M matte black wrap. Mirror covers, rear bumper, front bumper and grill piece.
  11. Picked the truck up from the dealer and on the return trip home 100 miles with 43 miles on the odometer. Return trip home was over a 4500' narrow and winding road with a long straight flat section the last 40 miles. Tried to keep the truck under 60 for the break in period averaged 33.2 mpg with a best of 34.8! Truck is a crew cab short bed LT 4x4 Z71 3.23 gearing.
  12. I found a 2020 3.0 duramax silverado on the chevrolet.com website that was to be delivered to a dealer in my area that had all the specs I was looking for. Although I didn't custom order the truck I got the vehicle code from GM and was able to use the chat feature to locate the vehicle at different points prior to delivery. Even the dealer was unable to get a delivery date or tell me where the truck was located. Ended up taking just over a month for it to be delivered to the dealer. If you use the Chevy website right at the bottom of a listed vehicle page will be a little chat bubble. Click on that and initiate a chat. If you have the vin or the order number they will be able to at least tell you the vehicles location. Pretty sure they use the Onstar gps to physically locate the vehicle.
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