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  1. Has anyone on here had more “mild” vibrations at 70 and it worsen at 80+? Mine isn’t bad at any other speed Really. Pretty much 75 to 85 is the worst. I’m trying to weed out the “all speed ranges” vibration guys and the 70-80 guys that have fixed their issues.
  2. Does your noise happen at start up then last first 10-15 seconds after pulling off?
  3. So I had it at the dealer again and was quoted a document that stated that the noise I’m hearing is the UN baffled fuel tank and that if noise isn’t present after fueling tank to completely full or at almost empty then it’s the fuel tank. Oddly enough that kind of jives, if I fill it completely it goes away.
  4. Yea I have that issue also which I’ve fixed. I’m getting a takeoff clunk from a dead stop. Dealer can’t figure it out and as much information as is out there I can’t find anyone really having this as a common issue.
  5. Did you get a thump/clunk from dead stop or are you describing the lead spring noise at low speeds issue a lot of people describe?
  6. Any input. Can’t find anything google searching and have had truck to the dealer 3 times since I originally posted this thread? Two months later......
  7. Yep, u bolts were loose. Clunk is still there though. I torqued then to 70 and put about an eighth of a turn on top of that.
  8. Recently bought a 2019 Silverado 1500 LD with the 5.3 and 6 speed. Have been getting a clunking/thud from a dead stop since day one. Checked u bolts as I’ve read loose u bolts have been an issue with these trucks for whatever reason, still same deal. Seems worse from takeoff on an incline. Any input would be appreciated. I have an appointment to have the dealer look at it. Have zero faith in dealers though so here I am. Thanks in advance for any insight.
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