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  1. New to the forum and auto maintenance world. Recently I decided to start doing some of my own maintenance on my rigs so it’s been learn as I go, google searches and YouTube videos. I’ve got a 99 Chevrolet Silverado 2500. It’s got about 177k miles and some really worn out shocks and was missing a sway bar linkage. It’s also got some oversized tires and they were rubbing in the front a bit. I installed new shocks all the way around, just some basics from Oriellys, new Moog sway bar linkages, then a Daystar leveling kit and 2” riser blocks in the rear. The leveling kit came with shock extenders and torsion keys. After the install my ride was so stiff and bouncy I could hardly drive the darn thing. I had installed the new keys at the same crank as the old (which were already cranked down to 1/2”). I backed the keys out to 1 1/4” and that’s seems to have helped a lot, not real bouncy anymore, just a little stiff. It’s getting an alignment as I type this. My tires call for 80 psi max so I run 65 to the rear and 60 to the front. What else can be done to help solve this? Do my new shocks need to break in for some of the stiffness to go away? Any advice is helpful. I’d really love to be able to maintain my truck myself the best I can. UPDATE: Alignment done, reduced tires psi to 42. Better but not perfect.
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