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  1. Ya I think I'm leaning towards the Intune 3 now. Thanks
  2. I'm a complete novice on programmers/tunes I was going to buy a Ranger AFM delete, but decided I'd be better off to get a programmer instead... As a guy mostly looking for AFM delete and speedometer calibration, but also looking for a bit of a performance upgrade, does a tone know of a good fit? I'm not knowledgable enough to do custom tunes, so I'm a noob that would just use a stock tune. I was looking at a Hypertech Max Energy 2.0... any thoughts?
  3. Whoa those are hardcore, thanks guys. Have you guys heard a ything about hypertech? I was looking at the Energy 2.0
  4. Perfect, thanks. I think I'll do the 2" front and 1" back So the 2.25" was too much lift for the ball joints?
  5. When everyone is talking about 2" leveling kits, are the blocks actually 2", or are they 1" (which raises the front about 2")? I'm looking to raise the front as high as possible without too much ball joint strain (I was thinking 2" higher), and raise the back an inch higher
  6. Hey I'm brand new on here, and just bought my 2015 Sierra I was looking for an AFM delete, but I'm thinking of buying a programmer instead... I've never owned a programmer, so forgive me if this is stupid. I want: -AFM delete -General performance tuning -Speedometer calibration -LED lighting conversion? (Do you need to reprogram anything to not throw errors when you switch from halogen to LED?) Is there a programmer yall suggest? Thanks
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