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  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to use these blank switches, or if I can order a different switch set up to use that slot, I already have the upfitter switches installed and working, I want to use the switch location circled for a momentary switch for an airhorn Thanks
  2. Does anyone know what this grey connector is for above the overhead console, it is attached to the console, but the plug is empty
  3. I found the wire for the 5th switch using the wiring diagram on gmupfiitter.com. it is pin 8 on the harness and should be green with a blue stripe, Remove the connector, pull the red lock out (in the middle of the lock there is a tab) I used a pin removal tool, or you can use a tiny screwdriver to lift the locking tab inside the connector via the non wire side, and pull out the wire,
  4. I was able to do the install without removing the kick panel, If you pop out the switches which was very easy, and remove the fuses from the side as described, I had plenty of room to do all of the wiring. And instead of screwing the module in place, I just used zip ties and it feels sturdy as heck. However I think if I need to there is enough room behind the kick panel to get a 1/4" ratchet with a small bit and screw behind the kick p[panel if you pull it out just a bit
  5. So I am pretty sure that I saw somewhere that the 5th switch is for a wire in the headliner for a strobe, does anyone know where in the wire harness that is so we can utilize it? Also the switches are all on/off, is there a way to make any of them momentary switches ( for something like an air horn)?
  6. I am a Ram 3500 owner that is looking to switch to GM with the new 2020, I really like it, none of the local dealers have a long bed and I am going to have to order one. I am trying to find the distance from the cab to the gooseball for clearance with a 90 degree turn with my rv and the Reese goose box online and can not seem to find it, and the dealer wasn't sure of the distance. If there is anyone that can tell me what the distance is from the cab to the goose ball on the new 2020 long bed is that would be great.
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