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  1. Anyways whoever may actually know about the low end sluggish feel we are talking about "imo" changing the muffler did help a lot. Went with the delta 50 because I did get this yukon for my fiance and I didn't want it very loud even know it turned out louder then expected but with low interior noise. I'm sure there's better options for muffler choice out there but it's what they had and I'm to inpatient to wait till they start making kits for them. I'll add a picture or two of the muffler that came off the yukon and the one that came off my 2020 at4. Both 6.2 with the 10 speeds. I'm not an exauhst expert but there is a difference in size plus the 2 flaps on the yukon where there was only 1 on the at4 sierra. The bigger one on left is the yukon maybe it had something to do with the low end sluggishness maybe it didn't.
  2. we got ours about 2 weeks ago with the 6.2 and got the exauhst replaced today with a delta flow 50 series flowmaster, both flaps cut out and it is not near as sluggish now major improvement. I know most people won't want an exauhst on an suv but the lack of power with it being a 6.2 somewhat bugged me.
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