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  1. Looks great! Level really completes the look. If you could send a picture down the side to see just how flush the tires are that would be great. Thank you!!
  2. Would you mind posting some pics from front and back? I’m wondering if the tires are flush or have some poke with the 12.50 wide. Did you end up leveling it? Thanks!
  3. So I’ve been following this thread for quite some time (I have had my 20 TB since about March) and I’ve also had a RC 1.5 level kit sitting in my garage for the past 3 months (I haven’t been able to decide what I want to do with the truck!). Anyway, I really want to put the level kit on and slap some 35x12.5r18 on the stock wheels and call it a day. From what I’ve seen here, it will work with minimal, if any, rubbing. My problem is two 4x4 shops in my area that are pretty reputable both have told me 1) the rough country level without UCAs is a bad idea and 2) no way it fits 35x12.5’s. Has anyone, other than the two that I did notice who posted semi-horror stories in this thread, had any issues with the RC level or any of the others that don’t come with UCAs? Also, forgive my ignorance, but do new UCAs NOT fix the cv angle? I thought that was the point of them?? Really appreciate any feedback!
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