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  1. I bought the kit and the harnesses, my dealer could not get them to function in reverse. Not a big deal for me, our shop driveway is always well lit, so I did not press the issue. Everything else works great though. They had the truck for two days attempting to get them to work. If you do the upgrade make sure they resync your tire pressure sensors after working with the BCM. My truck is an early 2015 2500.
  2. The impression I got from the service manager was that GM had no idea that it wouldn't work and just simply can't find a fix for it right now. I pushed a little and they gave me a break on the labor rate, I plan to check back in a few months or if I hear of someone who's had success I'll head right back in there. Luckily it's the end of towing season for me, I may have just one more weekend left and then the truck will sit. If it was the beginning of the season I'd probably be a little more fired up. At the end of the day I am just happy they look good and the ambers and turn signals work properly. Thanks for the support.
  3. UPDATE - for anyone using the kit and door/jumper harnesses with a similar build to mine. I just heard frommy dealer and he had bad news for me. Apparently with my build sheet, DL8, non-avf and pre August 2014, there is no way to override the bcm and allow the rear spotlight leds to stay on in reverse. Looks like I'll have to do the diode mod or some wiring outside of the dealer through a third party. Bummer
  4. Yep, I was aware of this. They only stay on in Park and Neutral once I go into reverse they turn off. Dealer is going to take a look on Tuesday.
  5. Just got home from getting mine installed. I have a 2015 (May 2014 build) non avf 2500hd. I had to buy door harnesses and a jumper. All lighting works except for the white leds in reverse. I'll call the dealer tomorrow and see what they have to say about that, I was confident and didn't think to check them at the dealer. I'll get a chance to check the heating element later tonight.
  6. I have business next week in Las Vegas that has me arriving on Sunday morning in time for the full slate of NFL games. I've been to Vegas a time or two but never during football season. Any recommendations on a good place to take in the games and have some beers and food that isn't a sports book? On or off the strip, it doesn't matter to me if it's worth it. Thanks!
  7. Looks like GmPartsNow.com may have everthing in stock including the jumper harness, does anyone have experience with these guys? The only part #'s I don't have from my dealer are the passenger and driver door harnesses so I can't check them on those.
  8. I've been working with a dealer for about 3 weeks now and can confirm that there is no power fold option from GM. The kits are available with door harnesses but the only hold up for me is the jumper harness #23381733 (for early 2015's) which apparently is backordered with no date on when availability will resume.
  9. I visited two dealers within the past week, no luck with either one on the kit. The first dealer only had an aftermarket option, which they conveniently had no information on for me to take home. The second dealer only had the option to order each mirror as a "replacement" part separately at $645 a piece. Luckily time is on my side and I won't need these for about 6-8 months but I'm running out of patience. Any insight anyone? (Outside of the SuperchargedSS option) Thanks
  10. Thanks that's what I figured, but 6 months should do the trick too.
  11. Can anyone clarify for me what Chevrolet considers "scheduled maintenance"? I'd like to take advantage of this program, but I don't know when it's acceptable to go-in. Every 6 months, every 6,000 miles, or do I have to wait for the oil change indicator to come on? I bought my Silverado in 7/2014 and have only put 4,000 miles on it..... Thanks.
  12. This is all excellent news! Thanks again and again 15HDriver for bringing the knowledge.
  13. I really hope they can get everything ( lights, LEDs, etc.) plug and play for us folks with the early 2015's. I appreciate the update regardless!!
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