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  1. Hmm turn your speakers up...goes away at end of the video. Seems unusual to me...
  2. Was kind of thinking that as well or a pulley, but it doesn't seem to be coming from that area. Going to take it in next week and see what the stealer says and I'm sure it will be along the lines it just sounds like that, but want to make certain as it's kind of annoying!
  3. Thanks, yes quite embarrassing for sure on a $60k truck when you're trying to show them (friends) upon startup lol. Another member on the FB Trailboss group said his does the same and sure I'll try and get used to it, but does anyone actually know what the root cause is? Appreciate it!
  4. Any thoughts what this might be on my 2020 Trailboss? Got a distinct video of my 6.2l startup squeak. It goes away after 20-30 seconds upon cold start. Is this related to the PIP5587 Normal Engine Air Leak Whistle Noise From PCV or something else?https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/3lGp14h1ddzN
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