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  1. Yup. I have that same noise. Not sure what it is but it was definitely muffled by the stock exhaust. It goes away when it warms up.
  2. So here is a side by side of my 2020 trail boss with the Moto Fab 1" leveling kit. Pic on the left is with it installed and the right is stock. I had mine on for 5,000 miles and zero issues.Although the angles don't look that bad and the joints were still rock solid when I took the spacers out. I removed it today because I don't want to take a chance of the uca ball joint failing and I personally don't mind the rake. I know they pounded the snot out of a stock trail boss on the TflTruck channel on YouTube with no problems in 15,000 miles. I would much rather have the reliability!
  3. Leading up to the failure of the ball joint, did you notice any knocking sound or weird play in the steering?
  4. Without doubt they have better angles and look like really nice quality pieces. I also am running the Moto Fab 1 inch leveling kit on my 2020 trail boss and am trying to justify spending another $500 for new UCA's and an alignment again. I don't think the angles are that bad with only the 1" kit, but I could be wrong. I will check my ball joints from time to time and see if I can feel any play in them. So far I have a little over 5,000 miles on mine and no issues at all. Here are a couple pics. of the angles after the lift.
  5. Honestly, when I zoom in on those pics. I see a lot of dirt and grime in the socket and all around the ball that looks like it may have been there a while. Those should be extremely clean and lubricated. It seems to me you may have unknowingly ripped the boot on the ball joint when you installed the leveling kit causing dirt to get in the joint and grind it apart.
  6. Here is mine with a 1" moto fab lower strut spacer and the stock uca's. I have 5,000 miles on mine with no issues. With this setup I still have 3/4" of rake.
  7. I have a 2020 trail boss that I installed the Moto Fab 1" leveling kit on. So far I have about 5,000 miles on it with no issues at all. I check the ball joints in the uca's from time to time and all seems well. The angle on them looks pretty good too. This is a picture of the ball joint on the uca with the 1" lift installed.
  8. Funny you mention that. I was in a drive thru about 3 weeks ago with the truck in drive and idling and it just shut off. I put it in park and it started right up again. No CEL or codes and it hasn't done it since. What were you doing when yours stalled?
  9. Thanks! I live near Buffalo. It is the Apollo GT and I haven't noticed any change in the mpg.
  10. It will still sound great with the resonators uncovered. Not as loud though. Play around with it, cover them up 1 on each pipe at a time and see how it sounds to you. The more you cover up the louder it gets.
  11. Looks sharp! Where did you tap into for power for the lights? Or did you put them in their own circuit with a switch?
  12. Good to hear! For an all stainless steel muffler and a great exhaust tone its a no Brainer. I couldn't justify spending close to a grand on a full cat back kit for the same result.
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