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  1. To clarify the crack was in the 6.2 intake manifold. Which is obviously after the MAF. I agree I think the codes will go away with the new intake.
  2. There was a hairline crack in the side of the manifold causing a vacuum leak which made it run lean.
  3. Well I figured out the problem. There was a hairline crack in the intake which caused a vacuum leak. So I ordered a new one from GM Parts Direct. $150.00 shipped. I'll keep ya updated when i install the new one. Lean is mean!
  4. Thanks. I'll give it a shot again and see if it works. I saw something about a TB relearn procedure where you start up the truck and let it idle for 3 min. shut it off and do it again. Clear any codes that show up and you should be good. I dont know if this applies to the 2019-2020's but its worth an shot.
  5. Yeah, this really stinks. This was one mod that I could really feel an increase in power! Much better throttle response.
  6. So I installed a 6.2 intake and TB on my 2020 silverado trail boss 5.3. I took it for a ride and the transmission was shifting wonky so I shut it off for a few minutes and then restarted it. It shifted much better and noticed a big seat of the pants difference in power, especially off the line. Thought all was well. So I took it on a long ride on the interstate and she ran great. When I got off and was back to some stop and go the CEL came on and threw 2 codes. P0171 and P0174. Looks like the engine is running lean. I have a corsa cold air intake and an AFE muffler. I put the old 5.3 intake back and cleared the codes and all well again, except for the missing power. Looks like I'll be stuck with the stock intake untill someone can come out with a reasonably priced tuner. If you guys have any other ideas on what else I could try please let me know. Thanks.
  7. I just did this mod on my 2020 silverado trail boss and the truck is throwing 2 codes. P0171 and P0174. Looks like the engine is running lean. I have a corsa cold air intake and an AFE muffler. Looks like I'll be putting the old 5.3 intake back on till someone can come out with a reasonably priced tuner.
  8. Yes. When you cut the front, cut right before the flapper and after the muffler as close as you can. When you go to reassemble it it will seem as if it will come up short. What happens is the rear section will get pulled toward the back of the truck from the hangers pulling on the pipes. Just clamp up the front pipe to the front of the muffler first, and then the extension pipe to the back of the muffler, pull the back pipe towards the front of the truck to fit it in the back of the extension pipe
  9. So far this is your only option. https://www.hptuners.com/product/e90-modified-ecm-purchase-ecm-exchange-service/
  10. Broken valve spring for sure. Don't drive it, call th dealership and have them tow it.
  11. No problem! I'm happy they helped you decide what exhaust to go with. That what I love about those built in resonators, it makes your exhaust totally tunable to your liking.
  12. You just like it. Now that I can understand.
  13. This is a good read. https://www.hpacademy.com/technical-articles/air-intake-restrictions-explained/ Ultimately any restriction to incoming air in an engine will result in reduced volumetric efficiency. For example a dirty air filter at any rpm range will reduce how efficent the engine is at filling each cylinder with air. The same is true for a cold air intake that is designed to flow better than the stock air box. At any given rpm it will be more efficient at filling the cylinders with air, thus creating more power. On any vehicle I have installed a cold air intake on, I have personally noticed that I need less throttle pressure to accelerate up to speed, along with a slight increase in fuel mileage. I highly doubt I will ever recoup the investment in fuel costs, but I don't really care. I like the way it looks, sounds and feels while driving it, and thats enough for me.
  14. An engine is basically an air pump. The more air you can get in and out of it, the more power you are going to make. This is why heads are ported and polished. Intake manifolds are port matched to the intake runners and headers are matched to the exhaust ports. Is it really necessary to have a 5 angle vs. a 3 angle valve job. If you want the most hp you will get the 5 angle. It will smooth and flow more air around the valve and the valve seat creating hp. Its all about increasing and smoothing the air flow through the engine. Why do high performance vehicles use mandrel bent exhaust tubing instead of crush bent tubing? Because it flows more air more smoothly. Just like a cold air intake will flow more air, more smoothly than the factory intake. The factory intake has a restrictive filter, the accordion style adapter, and the huge silencer. These all create turbulence in the air flow which slows it down and causes a reduction in air flowing into the engine (a loss in hp.) Although each one of these mods mentioned may only give you a small increase in air flow and hp. They all add up to make a noticeable difference.
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