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  1. Thank u - i feel the same. We all should look in2 getting whatever we can within reason 4 the inconvenience. We dont buy brand new 50k - 60k+ trucks & think this is going 2 happen; let alone be without them for wks or months at a time, right? Again, if it was taken care of in a cpl wks or so, i wouldn't have an issue & i understand that things happen... But there comes a point when u should stick up 4 yourself & b treated right & compensated.
  2. Omfg - if u read my last post, u will note i didnt say this situation nor what they were offering me or not offering me was "due 2 being a woman" - i said i feel like they keep pushing it back further & further & saying things like oh yeah was 2 b done last wk but then we determined we needed more bolts ordered & then next time it was oh we started it & a wire got crossed so that held it up, then next excuse aftr telling me i could plan on Friday aftrnoon was oh we think we need 2 road test it more, etc, etc. I in no way feel this happened due to my gender; what i meant was i k
  3. Wow I thought we were all of like mind on this site & it was a good place 2 discuss these issues we r facing; I guess I'm wrong. No I don't feel that it is 2 much 2 ask 4 more things when we already know there is an issue w these valve springs/engines & there isn't an actual recall yet, just a service bulletin when they very well kno there is a major problem affecting several vehicles. & if u guys who commented 2 me really think I'm being unreasonable; then I guess u don't value yourselves as much as u should. I saw anothr person comment that they were driving a new truck from thei
  4. So another update on my 2020 trail boss w 6.2... After having engine replaced was told could pick it up 2 wks ago, then last Friday, then Saturday... Well now they r saying probably Monday as something got re-wired wrong & they need add'l time 2 dbl ck it & test drive it some more, etc. Im on day 25 of being w/out my truck now & if they actually come thru on Monday it will be 27 days... Just had 2 make my 1st payment & only drove it 3 days/145 miles. I understand that there can b parts issues & that it takes time 2 get new parts in & get things put back together but alm
  5. I agree that they should make this a recall & compensate us going thru this issue - mine died on day 3 w 145 miles & it's 21 days in & im not 2 get it back til Thursday or Friday... But I must say; I would rather drive an old silverado than a new vette any day! My 60k truck plus the 5k in accessories/aftermarket goodies are just as special & important to me as I'm sure a new vette is to that person... My Trail Boss w 6.2 & all the goodies is my dream truck/vehicle. & even tho they are giving me a new engine in it; I agree I don't like that they are already wrenching on
  6. Hello carbon - MsKlaws here Thanks 4 the positive reply 2 my above question of if anyone is having issues w broken valve spring issue in 6.2 trucks. I'm going on day 21 of being without my new Trail Boss & my dealer called 2day w update of going 2 get it back this Thursday or Friday. While initially we did think the whole Corona deal would hold up parts; that didn't seem 2 b a major factor. It was a mess getting it 2 dealer, then them speaking w GM as 2 how 2 proceed, then ordering in new engine & components, then they needed 4 Bolts for fuel pump & they weren't ordered & tha
  7. Hello there. New to this site but life long chevy truck lover/owner So I just bought a 2020 silverado trail boss w 6.2 & had it 3 days & 145 mi & it shut off in traffic in town on me. Long story w issues getting it 2 dealer (thanks roadside assistance) but it was determined that it had the faulty valve springs & required an engine replacement. That was 18 days ago & it is still at the dealer being repaired. Told 2day that I will not get it back til next week. Again, I love my trucks & chevy but I am getting very frustrated. Is anyone else going thru this on
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