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  1. Personally I would love to see a HD Duramax between the 3.0 and 6.6. I don't really need something that tows 30,000lbs. If you could get me a smaller Duramax rated for say 15,000lbs, but got 25 MPG highway empty, I would definitely sell my 2020 Duramax for that. Most likely there is not enough price difference between the gas and current diesel to justify a smaller diesel, but a guy can dream.
  2. I have the exact same issue. If I put some body weight on the door it will stop. But driving down a bumpy road makes this truck sound like a box of marbles with the door and steering column making noises. I'm hoping GM has a fix for this soon. My 10 year old Silverado I traded in didn't make this much noise with over 100,000 miles. Other than the noises, I absolutely love the truck.
  3. If you go to the website of the plant that builds them, it says on the site they test every single engine they build. Kind of crazy. I would have never guessed they would dyno every engine either. https://www.dmaxengines.com/about-dmax/
  4. Everyone's situation is different. But for me, I looked at a 10 year old truck. That's how long I plan to keep my 2020. NADA value shows a diesel being worth $7000 more than gas. It only cost me $6000 more to buy the diesel upfront (rebate/employee discount). I do not need a diesel for my current camper (8000lbs). But now if I decide to upgrade my camper, I do not have to worry about weights. I can just buy the camper I want knowing I have the truck to pull it. For my situation, my want for a diesel was the major deciding factor. It also helps that my father-in-law was a Chevy dealership diesel mechanic for 20 years before starting a job at General Motors a couple years ago (Cheap labor, haha).
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