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  1. Curious if anyone else gets this rattling sound... Seems like it is coming from the rear hatch window.
  2. Anyone else have a rattling sound coming from the headliner area? This usually happens at cruising speeds on the highway.
  3. So far so good... the SUV gets the typical bugs etc on the front end. These wipe right off with a little waterless wash spray and some micro fiber towels. As far as the satin wrap that gets super dusty real quick. I was shocked the GMC didn't wake up and realize there is a huge market for non chrome vehicles and provided this as an option.
  4. Many thanks! All chrome was wrapped with a "piano black" wrap. The only portion that had to get painted was the "honeycomb" part of the grille.
  5. Appreciate that.... The honeycomb portion is painted and the outer part is wrapped. Already thinking in 2 years re wrap in a flat white with the all black accents.
  6. Just picked up my 2021 Yukon Denali. Couldn't be happier with the satin wrap and zero chrome look! Just waiting on the Borla exhaust and my Denali will be complete. This is my first GMC (or American car for that matter) after driving German. Thought I would share some pics.
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