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  1. My wife is also short along with knee problems. I ordered Westin Pro Traxx 4" step bars $229.49 from Amazon. Arrived five days later. Installed easily in about an hour. Very sturdy! https://www.amazon.com/Westin-Automotive-Products-21-24135-Length/dp/B07H6S3ZMP/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&gclid=CjwKCAiA-_L9BRBQEiwA-bm5fjR0OVyR6KrqPeGxFASITla4aQtKOxSYBL4ftlz6WgtA6fquvAahMBoCVwcQAvD_BwE&hvadid=234005910148&hvdev=t&hvlocphy=9011613&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=16785285590020844070&hvtargid=kwd-309048021811&hydadcr=5711_9590321&keywords=westin+pro+traxx+4&qid=1606279366&sr=8-1&tag=googhydr-20
  2. New member to the forum. Purchased my truck last month. Traded my 2002 Silverado I bought new for a new 2020 RST Silverado 5.3L/2WD. This will be a road vehicle/family hauler. No snow or mountains in these parts of Florida, so I didn't go with a 4WD. Spent the last month browsing this forum and seeing many awesome trucks. So far I've only tinted front driver and passenger windows to match the rears and added Westin Pro Traxx 4" step bars. Won't be doing many mods, but will still admire the works of others on this site.
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