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  1. Thanks guys, yea I replaced my vaccum pump with the new updated one, I was wanting to delete it but I'm to lazy to go that hardcore on this truck, I added a extra quart of oil yesterday just to try, and oddly is running alot more quiet. This is my first winter in reno so maybe just needed extra? Lol I'm just gonna keep running it.
  2. 2015 chevy silverado 1500 LT 5.3, 6 speed. Leveled 2.5 on 305s 97k miles Recently started to get a lifter tick noise, took it upon myself to pop the valve covers off and see if any rocker arms have any play(none have any play). Fried it up with valve covers off all valvetrain works and looks really good. Truck runs great, no check engine light, no misfires, idles amazing. My only idea now is to pull the rocker arms from the passenger side and inspect the push rods. That's the side I'm hearing the tick. Gonna buy a couple just to have in case I'm right. Any insight or should I just keep driving till I get a check engine light? Lol
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