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  1. I have created a trailer profile for my about 15 times to try to make my trailer the default but every time I hook up my boat the truck defaults to the guest trailer profile. Even if I just turn the truck off to run into a gas station it reverts right back the guest trailer. Does anyone know how to change the default trailer on a 2021 Silverado LTZ Z71?
  2. I wonder if they did anything different to the 8 speed transmissions in the 2021 models.
  3. It only does it on the first trip in the morning. After that it’s good all day. They say it’s something about the torque converter building pressure or some BS. I’ll have them dig into it more when I get the oil changed but I’ve only got 1400 miles on it right now and I’ve had it since November. It may be a while.
  4. It has done it since day one. The dealership and gm both tell me it’s normal. Of course they do
  5. No fix that I’m aware of. Mine only does it every once in a while. The good thing is the brakes still seem to work fine. Note that first shift from first to second in the morning is a doozie.
  6. I’ve had my truck since November 27. I have less than 800 miles on it and today on two occasions the brake pedal went all the way to the floor when starting the truck. I got in, pressed the brake, hit the start button and the pedal went to the floor. It only happened twice. It’s at the dealership now but they can’t seem to duplicate the issue. I’m seriously concerned about the safety of driving a truck with a brake issue. Especially since tournament season starts soon and I’ll be pulling a boat several days per week. Anyone else have this issue and know of an easy fix to put my mind at ease? So far it hasn’t given me a problem when driving but there has to be a reason why the pedal went to the floor those two times. I can only imagine what could happen if that happened while towing my boat. I had hell with the radio issues and those are mostly fixed but this brake issue is just spooky.
  7. I just had an update last week. GM sent one out last Monday. The only issues that I know of right now is the radio still won’t stay off. Every day the radio turns itself on when I start the truck. And the backup camera is terribly grainy. I thought my foes camera was bad but this one is terrible.
  8. That’s good news. I just dropped it off at the dealership for the creaking when turning. They’ve been really good so far.
  9. No I used to sell Toyotas. I hate hate hate dealing with dealerships. Especially when you know you’re on the losing end before you ever say a word. But who knows? Maybe I’ll be surprised.
  10. I hear ya. I actually used to sell cars so I’m somewhat familiar with the process. I’ve had a few unhappy customers myself. My gm was a great guy and he always made sure the customer was happy. Within reason of course. As far as dropping at the dealership, that’s just for liability reasons. Once it’s dropped off at least it’s safe somewhere that knows the reason for its return. Unfortunately, I don’t know that I would have much luck with the dealership. Once they sell it it’s your baby. But I will be talking to them tomorrow when I drop it off. Surely he will understand my position. Whether or not he cares is another story. We’ll see.
  11. One thing about Texas is that lemon law claims are rarely approved. I’ve done a little research and it’s a lengthy process that rarely works out in the favor of the plaintiff. I’ll drop it off and walk away before I pay this kind of money for a shop queen.
  12. I have had my truck for a week and two days. So far the radio turns on every time I start the truck, none of the apps are on the radio including the marketplace app, the steering column creaks when turning, there is a pop in the rear end when I first back up in the morning, there some transmission lag in the morning when I leave the house going from 1st to 2nd (fine after that). I had to have a front end alignment the day after I got it because the steering wheel was off center (toe was out). It had 9 miles on it when I got it. Now it has just over 100 miles on it and I have already had it in the shop twice and it's going back tomorrow. Do I have any recourse here? I'm not one to nit pick but it seems wrong for a $60k truck to have this many issues before the ink is dry on the sales contract. I'm in Texas by the way if that matters.
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